Candidate Bio: Marjorie Stonecypher

Candidate for Fruitport School Board

marjorie-stonecypherI am the Treasurer/Clerk for the Village of Fruitport. I am currently a student at Baker College working on a Business Degree. I am taking the Muskegon in Focus Leadership program through The Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce. I am a mother. We live in the Fruitport Township and our family runs the Red Rose Farm.

I am passionate about Children, Education, and the Fruitport Community. I have a unique perspective due to my position as the Treasurer Clerk of the Village enabling me to act as an effective link to other Fruitport and Muskegon County government.

Some of the issues facing schools today are shrinking budgets, education requirements, test scores, class sizes, buildings, staff, etc. I plan on handling these issues by defining the challenges, prioritizing them based on our ability to make improvements to them,

I would like to collaborate with as many agencies and residents as possible to do what is best for the children and our community. This is not about what is best for me, it is what is best for Fruitport.

My top five objectives are:
• Attracting and retaining the best teachers
• Education
• Improve test scores
• Cutting class size
• Improving Buildings