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Ottawa County Department of Public Health Receives Michigan Department of Community Health Director’s Award

OTTAWA COUNTY – Ottawa County Department of Public Health (OCDPH) was chosen as the recipient of the 2013 Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) Director’s Award for Excellence in Local Public Health. The department was selected for their innovative collaboration and leadership efforts demonstrated through their Beach Health Educational Campaign. “We acknowledge the significance of Ottawa County Department of Public Health’s active engagement in the protection of our natural resources and prevention, through the reduction of determined health risks, on behalf of Michigan citizens and visitors,” said Melanie Brim, Senior Deputy Director of the MDCH Public Health Administration.

Ottawa-Co-Image1Pictured from left: Lisa Stefanovsky M.Ed., Public Health Administrator/Health Officer; Adeline Hambley, REHS, MBA, Environmental Health Manager; Kristina Wieghmink, M.Ed., Communications Specialist; and Randy Rapp, RS, On-site Team Supervisor

2013 Muskegon County 4-H Awards

Submitted by Katie Courtade, 4-H Program Coordinator, Muskegon County Extension

4-H Leader of the Year Award:
The 2013 Muskegon County 4-H Leader of the Year is Nancy Hartman.

Nancy HartmanNancy has been a 4-H Leader for 11 years. Today she is the administrative leader for the THUNDERhoofs 4-H club. She currently serves as the 4-H Leaders Council Secretary. She has spent numerous hours helping with Leaders Council fundraisers and even when things got tough she always had a positive attitude and smile on her face.

Nancy was always first to volunteer to help with the following activities: the petting zoo at Pioneer Park, 4-H Livestock Clinic, TSC Paper Clover Campaign, or taking pictures of the 4-H members during activities.

Nancy has a great personality and remarkable attitude. She has exceptional leadership, expresses genuine love for people and animals. Nancy exemplifies the true meaning that it is all about the kids.

Muskegon County 4-H Leaders Council Community Service Award:
The Spur of the Moment 4H Club painted Mr. Lyn Krolczyk fence. They donated the paint, supplies and time to paint the fence The club painted the fence on 4 separate/2 hour sessions. Thirty-three of the members attended at least one session. Some members were able to help at multiple meetings.

Mr. K has allowed the Spur of the Moment 4H Club to use his barn for the last 5 years for meetings. He also supports us with shavings, pop can donations and wisdom. Spur of the Moment was looking for a Community Service effort and we noticed that Mr. K’s fence was badly in need of a paint job. They thought that was a way the 4-H members could give back to a man who gives so freely to others.

The 2013 Muskegon County 4-H Leaders Council Community Service Award belongs to: Spur of the Moment 4-H Club

4-H Horse Developmental Horse Sportsmanship Award
The Horse Sportsmanship Award goes to a 4-H member who exemplifies outstanding sportsmanship during the Muskegon County Youth Fair.

The 2013 Horse Sportsmanship Award goes to Jackson Fitzgerald.

Jackson has spent countless hours, both in the saddle and out, learning and practicing her skills to be the best of the best in competition. Jackson is a humble winner and also a gracious contestant when she doesn’t win. She is an inspiration to younger members as her best friend, Addison Walstra, is one of her fiercest competitors.

“Jackson Fitzgerald is a strong positive influence to all the younger members of our 4-H Club. She works hard at practice and at showing. She also helps me with the other members at our practice meetings and always jumps right in without being asked. She never complains and never says anything negative at practice or to the other members. She is willing to loan out her great horse Dusty any time a younger member needs a horse to practice with. ”- Christy Deal

Marian Judd 4-H Award
The Marian Judd 4-H Award was established by the Muskegon County 4-H Leaders Council in memory of Mrs. Marian Judd, who served as a 4-H club leader for over 40 years. Mrs. Judd took special pride in recognizing those 4-H members who showed the greatest personal growth and improvement in their 4-H projects and activities.

The 2013 Marian Judd 4-H Award goes to Ashley Leonard

Ashley was nominated for her improvement in her swine project. Ashley has participated in the swine division for several years. Last year Ashley’s pig was very heavy and she was determined to do better this year managing her pigs weight. By keeping a close eye on her pigs weight using a portable scale the weight of her hog was right on target which brought her great satisfaction. Ashley has shown amazing improvement in her knowledge of the swine project area. She serves as a mentor to cloverbuds and helps whenever needed.

Friend of 4-H Award
The Friend of 4-H Award is awarded to an individual who has provided significant contributions and assistance to 4-H programming and is not presently enrolled as a 4-H leader.

The 2013 Friend of 4-H Award belongs to Ron Ballard

Ron Ballard has served on the Muskegon County Fair Board for a number of years, contributing to the growth and improvement of the fairgrounds and the Youth Fair. Ron has been a huge supporter of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Ron continues to help the 4-H members with numerous projects. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to be sure the fairgrounds is ready for the Youth Fair.

4-H Teen Leader of the Year:

The 2013 Muskegon County 4-H Teen Leader of the Year is Emily Erffmeyer.

Emily has shown tremendous growth in the area of leadership over the past several years. She is willing to help other 4-H members in the areas of livestock and shooting sports.

This past spring, Emily attended the 4-H Shooting Sports Training Program at the Kettunen Center. She is a certified teen leader instructor for shooting sports. Emily also taught a shooting sports session during 4-H Winterfest at the Kettunen Center. She helped 8-12 year olds learn more about trap shooting, gun handling and safety.

Emily serves as a mentor for many 4-H members within and out of her 4-H club. Her positive and uplifting spirit make it easy for any child to ask for her help. She has also served in several officer positions within her 4-H clubs. She has been active member in the Ravenna FFA and Ravenna High School National Honor Society.

Prolife volunteers complete petition drive months early

Pam Sherstad, Right to Life of Michigan

Keeping tax dollars and insurance premiums from paying for the destruction of innocent human life as part of health care is a high priority for registered voters in Michigan. Volunteers across the state circulated petitions throughout the summer to initiate Abortion Insurance Opt-Out legislation. More than 315,000 signatures were submitted to the Secretary of State’s office on Friday, October 4, sending a strong message to Michigan lawmakers that abortion is not health care.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Prolife people from every county in Michigan responded to the need to keep our tax dollars and health insurance premiums from paying for abortion. Because of their efforts, the petition drive was cut-off more than 2 months early. Volunteers organized opportunities for people to sign at churches, county fairs, family reunions, athletic events, and we even heard of a bride circulating petitions at her wedding reception. The dedication of people is inspiring.”     Continue reading

Non-U.S. citizens on Michigan voter rolls contacted by state to expedite removal from voter files

LANSING, Mich. – More than 600 registered Michigan voters, verified as non-U.S. citizens by federal records, will receive a notice this week asking them to contact state election officials to be removed from Michigan’s voter rolls.

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said the notice is part of ongoing efforts to ensure integrity in the state’s voter rolls while at the same time protecting non-citizens.    Continue reading

Muskegon Chamber Choir to present ‘A Wreath of Carols’

The Muskegon Chamber Choir and its soloists will present its annual “Wreath of Carols” on Saturday evening, December 14 at 7 p.m. in Grand Haven’s First Presbyterian Church, 520 1/2 Franklin. This year, the choir will be joined by Embellish, an outstanding handbell choir from Grand Rapids under the direction of Stephanie Wiltse.

As is traditional for the Wreath of Carols, the concert will be in the collage format, moving from one musical selection to the next without pause. A variety of selections by choir, handbell choir, and soloists will cover six centuries of music for the Advent, Christmas and Epiphany seasons.
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Muskegon County Garden Club hosts Christmas tea, flower show

The Muskegon County Garden Club’s Annual Christmas Tea will be held on Tuesday, December 10, at the Greater Muskegon Woman’s Club, 280 West Webster Avenue. Social time with Hors d’oeuvres begins at 12:30 p.m. The luncheon will be served at 1 p.m. Cost of the luncheon is $10 with reservations required. Come and enjoy a Christmas program and silent auction, followed by a “Holiday Magic” Flower Show. Call (231) 798-7622 for reservations.

The “Holiday Magic” standard flower show will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. It features holiday floral arrangements, swags, wreaths, candlesticks and many other categories provided by club members, with awards presented by certified judges from throughout the state.

The flower show is free and open to the public beginning at 2 p.m. •

Letter to the Editor: Please help fix school funding

My name is Steve Keglovitz and I am a member of the Fruitport Community School Board and a long-time resident. I want to let the public know about what is going on in the struggling schools’ system funding. First, I need to explain some things. Only 6.7% of the state lottery dollars go toward funding of education dollars (not the state commercial selling point).

Some schools are sitting on very healthy funds due to Homestead property taxes, which hurts the poor areas and poorer districts and benefits the more wealthy, affluent neighborhoods and their schools. We also send taxpayer dollars (which used to be earmarked for public education) to the state charter schools and academies, because they can’t get Homestead dollars, so we supplement them, although they are not forced to exist and be run under the same rules and guidelines as public education.

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