Pell Appointed Muskegon County 4-H Program Coordinator

tonyapellMuskegon, Mich. – Michigan State University Extension is pleased to announce the appointment of Tonya Pell as 4-H Program Coordinator for Muskegon County. Most recently, Pell served as 4-H Tech Wizards Youth Mentoring Program Coordinator in Muskegon County. As the 4-H Tech Wizards program coordinator, Pell established program sites at schools throughout Muskegon County which provided mentors and mentees the opportunity to work together on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects. In her new role, Pell will serve Muskegon County as the 4-H Program Coordinator. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the youth participants and volunteers that are so important to the Muskegon County 4-H program. Muskegon County has a very strong 4-H program and I intend to continue our efforts to expand the reach and impact of the 4-H program in Muskegon County,” Pell said.

Pell initially joined Michigan State University Extension as an AmeriCorps member and assisted with the then new 4-H Tech Wizards program in Muskegon County. In 2016, Pell concluded her service with AmeriCorps and continued with MSU Extension as a temporary employee coordinating the 4-H Tech Wizards program. Mike Krauch, MSU Extension District Coordinator said, “Tonya has developed a strong 4-H Tech Wizards program and we are excited to have her bring her knowledge, skills and experience to the 4-H Program Coordinator role.”

Pell is a graduate of Central Michigan University and has a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in History and Women’s Studies. For more information about Michigan State University Extension, visit www.msue.msu.edu. Those interested in learning more about joining or volunteering for 4-H, Tech Wizards or any other Michigan State University Extension program can contact the Muskegon County Extension office at (231) 724-6361.

Muskegon County Youth – National 4-H Week

Muskegon County youth celebrated National 4-H Week October 1-7

Muskegon, MI — For the 75th consecutive year, millions of youth, parents, volunteers and alumni across the country celebrated National 4-H Week during the first full week of October. Muskegon County 4-H leveraged National 4-H Week this year by showcasing the incredible experiences that 4-H offers young people, and highlighted the remarkable 4-H youth in our community who work each day to make a positive impact on those around them.

Muskegon County shared stories on our Facebook page highlighting the successes of our 4-H members and volunteers this year. Check us out at Muskegon County MSU Extension 4-H to read the stories!

Muskegon County 4-H Awards Ceremony

The 2016 Muskegon County 4-H Awards Ceremony was held on October 3, 2016 at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center. Approximately 190 4-H members, volunteers and parents were in attendance. The night was spent recognizing 4-H members and volunteers for their accomplishments and years of service during the 2015-2016 4-H Club Year. Representative Holly Hughes, Senator Goeff Hansen, Muskegon County Clerk, Nancy Waters, and Muskegon County Commissioner Wilkins was in attendance as well.


2016 Awards Ceremony with Special Guests

Some of the awards presented were:

4-H Leader Years of Service Awards
1 Year of Service for 2015-2016

1st year

2016 Awards 1st Year Leaders

Dennis Arends – Nunica
Kim Beebe – Muskegon
Misty Carr – Norton Shores
Joan Conklin – Muskegon
Angie Fairbrother – Ravenna
Richard Fairbrother – Ravenna
Kelly Johnson – Cedar Springs
Patti Lantz – Muskegon
Renee Martin – Nunica
Pamela McCaleb – Grand Haven
Jill Norton – Spring Lake
Shelley Ostric – Spring Lake
Heidi Raap – Kent City
Amy Richards – Norton Shores
Stacey Skilling – Ravenna
Matthew Wert – Grant

5 Years of Service
Matthew Block – Ravenna
Chris Clark – Fruitport
Christy Deal – Spring Lake
Christine Franzon – Whitehall
Rhonda Gregory – Muskegon
Amanda Peebles – Ravenna

15 Years of Service
Jenny Erffmeyer – Ravenna

45 Years of Service
Margret Kingsbury – Conklin


2016 Awards Margret Kingsbury – 45 years of service

4-H Project Medal Awards

4-H county medals are given to 4-H members who have greatly improved their skills in a particular project or projects or whose project involvement has been significant and successful. Up to 2 medals from each 4-H project area are awarded each year.

2016 4-H Project Medal Awards

Alexis Foreman – Nunica
Riley Foreman – Nunica

Trevor Block – Ravenna
Ian Waldecker – Conklin

Brynn Kantola – Ravenna
Jessica Zahm – Marne

Sydney Bleich – Fruitport
Jessica Horne – Fruitport

Ronni Gregory – Muskegon
Kaylyn Skuse-Freye – Whitehall

Katelyn Stevens – Ravenna
Ian Waldecker – Conklin

Anthony English – Ravenna
Madilyn English – Ravenna

Foods and Nutrition
Joleen Cejmer – Muskegon
Hannah Stevens – Ravenna

Kelley Chase – Conklin
Cassie Perrin – Coopersville

Stefanie Beckley – Spring Lake
Tessa Rush – Spring Lake

Cassie Perrin – Coopersville
Kathleen Zahm – Marne

Joleen Cejmer – Muskegon
Katelyn Stevens – Ravenna

Makenna Bitely – Twin Lake
Kaylyn Skuse-Freye – Whitehall

Personal Development
Stefanie Beckley – Spring Lake
Cammie Clark – Fruitport

Abagail Hichue – Muskegon
Megan Norton – Spring Lake

Cassie Perrin – Coopersville
Natalie Perrin – Coopersville

Shooting Sports
Kaeden Bitely – Twin Lake
Ty Maycroft – Ravenna

Cammie Clark – Fruitport
Kristen Moyer – Ravenna

Visual Arts
Joleen Cejmer – Muskegon
Ronni Gregory – Muskegon

Wood Science
Justin Hichue – Muskegon

Aged Out 4-H Members
This group of 4-H members has finished their 4-H journey. It is my hope that the skills they have acquired in 4-H will remain with them throughout their life. Thank you for being excellent role models for the younger 4-H members in this county and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Brooke Whipple
Cheyenne Latsch
Clara Carr
Joleen Cejmer
Katelyn Stevens
Madaline Knight
Nitosha Radosa
Rachel Dodde
Rebecca Goodno
Rosa Moody
Sarah Conklin
Thomas Rozema

2016 Muskegon County 4-H Awards

The 2016 Muskegon County 4-H Leaders Council Community Service Award belongs to the Busy Bees 4-H Club.

2016 Awards Community Service Award - Busy Bees

2016 Awards Community Service Award – Busy Bees

Some of their community service projects included donating 6 cases of water for delivery to those in need in Flint, a community garden at the Covenant Community Church, helped serve breakfast at the First Congregational Church, and assisted with the Food Truck at the Covenant Community Church. The Busy Bees 4-H Club strives to help others in their community. This shows the 4-H members the value and need for service to others. The Busy Bees 4-H Club meets in Muskegon.

The 2016 Horse Sportsmanship Award goes to Tessa Rush.


2016 Awards Horse Sportsmanship Award

The Horse Sportsmanship Award goes to a 4-H member who exemplifies outstanding sportsmanship during the 2015-2016 4-H Club Year. Tessa is from Spring Lake.

The 2016 Marion Judd 4-H Award goes to Bobby Wagenborg.


2016 Awards Marion Judd Award

The Marion Judd 4-H Award was established by the Muskegon County 4-H Leaders Council in memory of Mrs. Marion Judd, who served as a 4-H club leader for over 40 years. Mrs. Judd took special pride in recognizing those 4-H members who showed the greatest personal growth and improvement in their 4-H projects and activities. Bobby is from Coopersville.

The 2016 Friend of 4-H Award belongs to SAF Holland.


2016 Awards Friend of 4-H Award

The Friend of 4-H Award is awarded to an individual who has provided significant contributions and assistance to 4-H programming and is not presently enrolled as a 4-H leader. The Charity Committee at SAF Holland made the decision to give their earning from the company picnic to the Muskegon County 4-H Make the Match Endowment Fund. On June 21, SAF Holland’s company picnic held numerous events to raise money for the 4-H Endowment Fund. A display table of information regarding 4-H was available for the employees to understand the mission and vision of 4-H. SAF-Holland raised $1000 and a check was presented to Muskegon County 4-H at the opening ceremonies of the Muskegon County Fair. Thank you SAF Holland for believing in the future of the Muskegon County 4-H Program and helping to sustain 4-H in this county.

The 2016 Muskegon County 4-H Leader of the Year is Rhonda Gregory. Rhonda was a devoted 4-H leader and parent. She ran every 4-H club meeting, community service project, and activity the Denim N Dust club participated in. Even during her struggle with cancer treatments Rhonda was still always present and committed to her 4-H Club. She was always available to help any child or parent whenever they needed assistance. Her devotion, commitment, and friendships to 4-H makes her a perfect candidate for the 4-H Leader of the Year Award. She will forever hold a place in the Denim N Dust 4-H Club, the hearts of its members, and the 4-H community. Rhonda lost her battle with cancer shortly before the Fair in July. Rhonda will be honored and remembered always for the impact she made on the children and adults in the Muskegon County 4-H. Rhonda was from Muskegon. State 4-H Award – This is the highest honor bestowed on Michigan 4-H youth. This program is for 4-H youth aged 13 and up with at least three years of 4-H experience. This past year Cassie Perrin from Coopersville applied for the State 4-H Award and was invited to be a State 4-H Delegate for the Sheep Science project area. I would like to recognize her for her hardwork and commitment to excellence.