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News from Rep. Bill Huizenga, MI 4th District

from The Huizenga Huddle, March 13, 2023 Edition


There has been a flurry of activity in Washington and across Southwest Michigan since the last edition of the Huddle. I encourage you to visit Huizenga.House.Gov for more frequent updates. The website is an excellent source of information that has my social media feeds, voting record, legislative updates and more. With that, let’s Huddle up!

Honoring a Southwest Michigan Hero
On Thursday March 9th, I honored the life and memory of Paw Paw Firefighter Ethan Quillen. Lt. Quillen was a father, a husband, a Marine Corps veteran, and a hero. He consistently put the well-being of his fellow Americans and his neighbors over himself, while asking for nothing in return. On behalf of the people of Paw Paw and the residents of the 4th Congressional District, I thank Lt. Quillen for his service.

Standing Up for Parents
Earlier this month I helped introduce the Parents Bill of Rights Act. This legislation defines protections for parents and lays out guidelines for schools to follow in an effort to encourage positive dialogue and strengthen the education children receive in schools across America.


Parents know their children best. Schools should strive to partner with parents to maximize educational opportunities for students. The Parents Bill of Rights Act empowers parents to work with school officials to achieve the best outcome possible for their children. I will be sure to keep you up to date as this important legislation works its way through the U.S. House.

Holding the Biden Administration Accountable
Earlier this month, I led our first House Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing. We had the Inspectors General from the SEC, Federal Reserve/CFPB, and Treasury testify as we examined the Biden Administration’s wasteful spending and regulatory overreach.

In my opening statement, which is available to watch here, I discussed the need for Congress to use its constitutional authority to conduct oversight and hold bureaucrats in Washington accountable to the American people.

Leading a Bipartisan Call to Protect the Great Lakes
I am proud to lead a bipartisan effort with Democrat Brian Higgins of New York for increased protection of the Great Lakes. In our letter to President Biden, we are asking him to press our Canadian friends to increase their commitment to protect and strengthen the Great Lakes.

Joining Rep. Higgins and me on this bipartisan letter are Congressmembers Jack Bergman (R-MI), Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Mike Gallagher (R-WI), David Joyce (R-OH), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), John Moolenaar (R-MI), and Elissa Slotkin (D-MI). You can read our letter to the President below.

I hope you found this edition informative. If you would like to share a comment or make a suggestion, please reach out to me! Thank you for reading the Huddle!

Taking on the IRS to Protect Your Privacy

from the Huizenga Huddle: February 18, 2022 – Congressman Bill Huizenga, U.S. Congressman for Michigan’s 2nd District

On January 27th, the Washington Post published an article detailing how the Internal Revenue Service, yes the IRS, was going to implement the use of facial recognition software by summer.

The IRS planned to require taxpayers to submit a face scan or selfie to access basic services provided by the IRS. The Post article described how the IRS had signed an $86 million contract with a private company that would then store the faces of American taxpayers in a database.

After the initial shock, I took action because I viewed this as a massive overreach of the federal government and an enormous invasion of our privacy.

On Friday, February 4th, I introduced the FACE Act to prevent the IRS from using facial recognition software and storing the faces of American taxpayers in a database.

You can read and review both pages of the FACE Act here.

I believe the use of facial recognition technology by the IRS dramatically expands the federal government’s role in data collection and puts the privacy of American taxpayers at far too great a risk.

This database would be a treasure trove of information that could be weaponized by cyber criminals, adversaries such as China or Russia, and based on the past targeting of conservative Americans, even the IRS itself.

On Monday, February 7th, the IRS announced it was backing away from the use of facial recognition software. This about-face by the IRS is good news for Americans who are concerned about their privacy and big government overreach.

Even though the IRS said they were going to abandon their use of facial recognition, I will continue to push for the FACE Act to be enacted. This way, the IRS cannot change its mind down the road and create a database that stores the faces of American taxpayers.

This week, I took my effort to hold the IRS accountable and protect the privacy of American taxpayers a step further by joining with Republican Senators Rick Scott of Florida and Ted Cruz from Texas. Together, we have introduced the Ban IRS Biometrics Act.

This legislation would stop the IRS from collecting ANY type of biometric data. This includes fingerprints, iris scans, or facial scans. Additionally, this legislation requires the IRS or a third-party vendor working on behalf of the IRS to develop a plan to safely and securely destroy any biometric data currently in its possession.

Too often we have seen the federal government creep further and further into the private lives of Americans. The IRS demonstrated a clear desire to collect the biometric information of Americans when they were in the final stages of implementing their facial recognition requirement.

When you combine that desire with the IRS’ history of targeting conservatives and leaking the private information of taxpayers, it’s clear the IRS should not be allowed to collect or require the use of biometric data.

The Ban IRS Biometrics Act is a commonsense approach to strengthen privacy protections for Americans while stopping blatant and invasive overreach by the federal government.

You can read and review all three pages of the Ban IRS Biometrics Act here.

News from the Huizenga Huddle – December 21, 2021

Let’s Start with Some Great News
The Christian Missionaries who were being held captive in Haiti are back in the United States. This is the day we have been both hoping and praying for. I think more will come to light about their journey, captivity, and return home in the coming days, but their safe return marks a great day for families in Michigan and across the nation who have been worried about their loved ones.


Strengthening the Role Parents Play in Education
Parents play a critical role in making sure their children receive a quality education. We need more parental involvement not less. That is why earlier this month, I announced my support for the Parents Bill of Rights Act. This legislation will empower parents to help achieve the best outcome for their children. You can read the Parents Bill of Rights Act here.

Correct the Record: HR 550 is not a vaccine passport or federal database
There has been a lot of misinformation about a vote on HR 550 that I took earlier this month and I wanted to clarify what the bill does and does not do.

The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act HR 550 is in no way, shape, or form related to a federal vaccine database or vaccine passport. In fact, the data contained in these state run systems has had all personally identifiable information removed from it.

I have consistently opposed federal vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. In fact, I am an original cosponsor of H.J. Res 65, which would overturn OSHA’s vaccine mandate. I have also help lead efforts to overturn the CMS vaccine mandate as well as support legislation blocking mandates for federal employees and contractors.

This legislation is necessary because when President Biden’s first multi-trillion dollar proposal called the American Rescue Plan, which I voted against, was enacted it included funding to modernize IIS databases. However that bill lacked explicit legal definitions for what “modernization” meant. The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act actually limits what the Biden Administration can do using American Rescue Plan funding.

The state-level IIS databases have been in use for decades. This legislation actually bolsters their cyber defense, enhances the privacy of Americans, and prevents the Biden Administration from repurposing the IIS and using it to enforce vaccine mandates.

Protecting personal liberties and stopping an overbearing government are two of the main reasons I ran for Congress in the first place. I will continue to stand up for West Michigan workers, families, small business owners, and healthcare providers by fighting against these coercive mandates.

You may find this short 91 second video from Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw on H.R. 550 insightful as well.

Merry Christmas!
Last but certainly not least, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope the holidays are filled with laughter, joy, and new memories whether you chose to spend time with family or friends.

The Huizenga Huddle: December 31, 2019

The Most Partisan Impeachment in our Nation’s History

Impeachment is one of the most consequential actions the House of Representatives can take. Throughout this process, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat Majority have broken historic bipartisan standards, denied the President due process, and moved the goalposts time and again in order to shape their desired narrative and outcome. The fact that 44% of my Democrat colleagues voted to impeach the President of the United States before the Ukraine Call on July 25th even took place exemplifies their partisan desire to remove this President.

Our nation’s founders warned about using impeachment as a political weapon. On December 18th, Speaker Pelosi ignored those warnings and the House proceeded with the most partisan and divisive impeachment vote in the history of our nation.

noimpeachment1The Democrats’ endless drive to impeach this President has further divided our nation and damaged the House of Representatives as an institution. By making the decision to abandon the Judiciary Committee and conduct the majority of the impeachment proceedings behind closed doors through the Intelligence Committee, Speaker Pelosi has set a dangerous and partisan precedent that will have a chilling effect on how constitutional matters are handled in the future.

After reviewing the facts, I believe Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and their Democrat colleagues have failed to make their case for impeachment. In just under 11 months, the American people will go to the polls and have the opportunity to vote and make their selection for President. By engaging in a rushed, partisan process, Democrats are seeking to either overturn the outcome of the 2016 election or influence the 2020 election – neither of which should be acceptable to the American people.

noimpeachment2The photos above are the voting cards marking my votes against impeaching President Trump. The next morning, I spoke to WHTC to discuss the votes and Speaker Pelosi’s decision not to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. You can listen to the interview here.

The Huizenga Huddle: December 6, 2019

Protecting Seniors, Teachers, and Those Saving For Retirement

On November 18th, I am happy to report the House passed my bipartisan legislation, the Investor Protection and Capital Markets Fairness Act, by a vote of 314-95. I worked hand in hand with Ben McAdams, a Democrat from Utah, on this legislation designed to hold criminals accountable and help Main Street investors who are victims of fraud recover their losses.

The latest report from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that more than $1.1 billion swindled from investors through fraudulent activity is unable to be recovered because of a 2017 Supreme Court decision. The Investor Protection and Capital Markets Fairness Act, strikes a delicate balance to solve this by ensuring the SEC has the necessary tools to go after bad actors and prevent these sophisticated fraudsters from keeping the money they have stolen from our teachers, military service personnel, seniors, and religious-affiliated groups.

Improving Healthcare Accessibility Using West Michigan Solutions

I believe policymakers in Washington should be looking for ways to increase the well-being of Americans, promote upward mobility, and improve outcomes for families.

With those core tenants in mind, on November 4th I joined health care professionals in Muskegon to unveil new legislation, the Community Multi-share Coverage Program Act, to address health care affordability and accessibility.

By using a unique approach to deliver quality health care at affordable prices to populations that are either underserved or uninsured, this West Michigan inspired legislation can improve health and financial security while helping more people climb the ladder of opportunity and achieve success.

Standing Up For Michigan Farmers

When Michigan farmers have a level playing field, they can compete with anyone in the world. However, current federal law fails to provide seasonal, perishable, and specialty crop growers with adequate means to bring forward claims against illegal trade practices being used by other nations.

This is why on November 22nd, I announced my support for the Defending Domestic Produce Production Act. This bipartisan bill will increase the ability of Michigan farmers, especially asparagus, blueberry, and cherry growers, to petition the Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate illegal subsidies and dumping of fruits and vegetables in the U.S. market.

I am proud to be the first member of the Michigan Congressional delegation to support this important legislation, click here.

Thanking West Michigan Veterans

Over Veterans Day Weekend, I joined West Michigan veterans in Allendale, Grandville, Hudsonville, and Wyoming to honor and recognize their service to our community and our country.  If not for these incredible men and women, we would not have the freedoms we currently enjoy.

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Update

You might not have heard, but the EPA has announced a $6.6M Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant to clean up a 12 acre site located on the shores of Muskegon Lake known as  the Ryerson Creek Outfall.

As Co-Chair of the House Great Lakes Task Force, I have consistently worked to fully fund the GLRI and worked to build bipartisan support to protect the Great Lakes. This announcement is another example of how the GLRI is having a direct impact in West Michigan and helping clean up legacy pollution, restore Muskegon Lake, and preserve the Great Lakes for future generations.

Serving West Michigan

On November 26th, I joined Sawyer Hendrickson at the Ludington Post Office to help her deliver and send out her latest shipment of “Holiday Cheer” for our men and women serving overseas and around the nation. Sawyer’s goal is to send more than 10,000 care packages in support of our troops who will be away from their families and loved ones. It’s incredible the difference Sawyer is making and the example she sets for those her own age as well as adults. It was great to be able to join her again this year to support our troops!

ourtroopsholidaycheerI also want to say thank you to the post office staff for helping Sawyer carry out her mission! The holidays are an extremely busy time for everyone and the team at the Ludington Post Office made everything look easy.

The Liars, Leftists, and Liberal Propaganda Machine must be stopped!

from Bill Huizenga – Huizenga for Congress, October 15, 2019logoFriends,

billOver the last couple years, some on the fringe left in West Michigan have gained notoriety and attention by lying, smearing me, and dragging my family through the mud.

Enough is enough. I will no longer sit idly by as these individuals and their allies bear false witness against Natalie and me.

Today, liberal extremists come from all walks of life. Whether it be a failed Congressional candidate with a medical license or a local newspaper in Holland, the desire of these individuals is to impose a liberal orthodoxy on our lives that knows no bounds.

Liberals claim to preach tolerance and acceptance. Their candidates running for President, however, demonstrate that if you don’t agree with their policies of open borders, Medicare for All, and eliminating tax-exempt status for churches and religious organizations, you are an enemy who must be torn down and destroyed by any means necessary.

Well, I am still standing and I am asking you to join me in this fight. It is an honor to represent West Michigan and with your help I plan to keep doing so.

Can you chip in $15, $25, or even $50 to help me refute these lies?

There was a time when West Michigan was a refuge from the slash and burn politics practiced in California, New York, and Washington D.C. Sadly that time has passed.

We cannot let these radical leftists and their allies in the media define who we are.

I will no longer stand by as my character and integrity are assaulted by individuals making false accusations based on lies.

Please forward this message to your friends, share the truth, and ask them to join the fight for the future of West Michigan and our nation!

Thank you for your continued support!


Huizenga for Congress
P.O. Box 254
Zeeland, MI 49464
Visit the Website here.

The Huizenga Huddle: September 25, 2019

Speaker Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry
Last night, Speaker Pelosi announced she was instructing Democrat Committee Chairs to begin forwarding information to the Judiciary Committee for an impeachment inquiry. Following that announcement I released this statement:

I believe the IG report should be made available to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and I look forward to reviewing the transcript of President Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine. Calling for an impeachment inquiry before fully grasping what was discussed isn’t in defense of the Constitution, it’s merely a craven political move to try to invalidate millions of Americans who voted to elect President Trump.

This morning, I joined Justin Barclay on WOOD Radio to discuss the Speaker’s announcement and what impact it will have on passing bipartisan legislation to move our country forward.

Financial Services Update
Last Friday, the House Financial Services Committee passed my bipartisan legislation, by a vote of 49-5, to help investors impacted by fraud recover their losses. H.R. 4344 is something I have been working on in a bipartisan manner with Rep. McAdams (D-UT).
The latest report from the SEC found that more than $900 million in money swindled from investors through fraudulent activity is unable to be recovered because of a 2017 Supreme Court decision.
The SEC must have the necessary tools to recover the losses suffered by Main Street investors. H.R. 4344 helps solve this problem by striking a delicate balance that allows the SEC more time to recover the money that was scammed from hardworking Americans. I am glad to see this bipartisan bill pass committee with strong support and look forward to it being scheduled for a vote on the House floor.

Protecting Individuals with Pre-existing Conditions
Last month, several of my Republican colleagues and I introduced H.R. 4159, the Protecting Patients with Pre-existing Conditions Act. This bill is a response to cases in federal courts that threaten to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act including its coverage of pre-existing conditions.
No matter what happens to Obamacare in the court system, I believe no one should be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition. This common-sense H.R. 4159 ensures people with pre-existing conditions can get coverage and maintains important safeguards to prevent costs for individuals with a pre-existing condition from skyrocketing.

Helping a Disabled Veteran
armyvetIn Muskegon Heights, I joined members of the community to help disabled U.S. Army Veteran Melvin Dunbar clean up his property, paint, and fix up his home. It was heart-warming to see students from across Muskegon join volunteers from the United Way and Rotarians for such a great cause. I also had the opportunity to catch up with “PA” and “Big Rob” from 103.7 the Beat about helping Melvin as well as how I am working for West Michigan in Washington.

Saving Lives in West Michigan
Last week, I had the pleasure of announcing that a coalition of Kent County agencies and health care providers, led by Spectrum Health, were awarded a grant for just over $1 million to reduce infant mortality, improve outcomes, and help families. Conservative estimates show this program, called Strong Beginnings, is preventing at least five infant deaths per year in Kent County. Strong Beginnings strengthens our community and makes West Michigan an even better place to call home.

Protecting the Great Lakes For Future Generations
The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) has been an extremely effective and bipartisan program. Recently, I joined with my colleagues to introduce legislation that would reauthorize and expand this program because preserving and protecting the Great Lakes is one of my top priorities.
In fact, earlier this month, the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council was awarded a $190,000 grant to protect the Macatawa Watershed through the GLRI. This is another example of how the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative continues to positively impact both the ecology as well as the economy of the Great Lakes here in West Michigan.
By accelerating the clean up of legacy pollution, taking greater action against invasive species, and increasing habitat restoration, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act of 2019 will strengthen, protect, and preserve the Great Lakes for our children and grandchildren.

The Crisis on Our Southern Border

from The Huizenga Huddle: July 2, 2019

Most of us have seen the photos and heard the stories of the tragic conditions on the border. For nearly two months, the President’s funding request to address the growing crisis on the border sat idle.

During this time, House Republicans attempted to pass legislation 18 times that would deliver humanitarian aid. Unfortunately, the majority in the House refused to consider the President’s request and every one of these attempts were blocked or rejected.

Thankfully, a bipartisan agreement was reached in the Senate that passed 84-8. After initially refusing to hold a vote on this critical legislation Speaker Pelosi relented and this bipartisan measure passed the House with over 300 votes. I voted for this aid package because we need to provide relief and work to improve conditions on the border while giving federal agencies the flexibility to address this ongoing crisis.

It’s clear there is a crisis on the southern border. In May, Customs and Border Patrol encountered 144,000 individuals alone. To put this in perspective, that is roughly double the size of Wyoming, the largest city in the Second District, and just over four times the size of Holland. Remember, this happened in one month.

The Huizenga Huddle: January 11, 2019

It’s Past Time to Secure the Border

For years, elected officials in Washington from both sides of the aisle have discussed the need for border security and then failed to actually deliver on that promise. Now that there is an effort to properly secure the border, some in Washington refuse to acknowledge a problem even exists. The fact remains that our country is facing a humanitarian and national security crisis along our southern border. Our nation’s immigration system is broken and is in desperate need of the crucial resources necessary to protect our communities.

Each day, the brave men and women that serve as our first line of defense are challenged by thousands of inadmissible migrants who arrive at our border. In the last two years alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested 266,000 undocumented immigrants with criminal records. Immigration courts are facing a backlog of over 800,000 open cases. To make matters worse, drugs are flowing across our borders, contributing to our nation’s drug epidemic and taking far too many American lives. Each week, 300 Americans die from heroin overdoses, 90 percent of which comes across our southern border by legal and illegal points of entry.

pencehuizengaRecognizing the crisis at hand, President Trump has asked for funds to address the enormous challenges we face. We cannot keep our communities and our country safe without adequate funding for border security. It means improving existing facilities by deploying new technology, adding additional law enforcement and judicial personnel, and implementing new security measures along our border. This also means properly providing funds for physical barriers where Customs and Border Patrol say they will be effective. If we can successfully land rovers on Mars, we can equip our ports of entry and areas along the border with technology to stem the flow of heroin, fentanyl, and other dangerous drugs that have hurt families in West Michigan and across the nation.

House Passes Effective Legislation

from The Huizenga Huddle: July 25, 2018

Bipartisan Results

Last Tuesday, the House passed the bipartisan JOBS and Investor Confidence Act. This bipartisan package was made up of 32 pieces of legislation, including 3 bills I sponsored to strengthen capital formation, improve investment opportunities for West Michigan residents with 401K’s and IRA’s, and boost small business job creation. I am happy to report this important bipartisan package of bills passed by a vote of 406-4.

To learn more about how this legislation will positively impact our economy, click the image below.


Helping Those In Need

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in the number of individuals struggling to access mental health services and substance abuse programs because of the high cost of care and an overall lack of quality care. After working with the specialists and experts at Pine Rest for more than a year, I introduced H.R. 6343, the INPATIENT Act on July 12th.

This West Michigan inspired legislation modernizes treatment available for Medicare and Medicaid patients to help individuals with urgent mental health care needs as well as those struggling with opioid and substance addiction. H.R. 6343 is designed to address treatment, access, cost and workforce challenges associated with high-need, high-cost patients with behavioral health and substance abuse challenges. To learn more about the INPATIENT Act click here.

repbillhTime and time again, individuals who have just completed inpatient rehabilitation programs are forced to live in housing situations where they are surrounded by people that are using the same illegal substances that sent them to rehab. We have to change that.

A sober, safe, and healthy living environment is essential to recovery. To help people overcome their addiction, the House recently passed the THRIVE Act. This legislation promotes a proven evidence-based approach that has helped thousands of Americans to maintain sobriety after completing rehab, gain valuable jobs skills, obtain employment, and eventually transition back into society to lead independent lives. To learn more about the THRIVE Act and how it will help communities across West Michigan, click the photo above.

The Huizenga Huddle: Tax Day Edition

The New Tax Code Brings More Opportunity to West Michigan
April 17, 2018

Tax Day, it’s probably not very high up on your list of things to look forward to and rightfully so. For decades, our outdated federal tax code forced hardworking taxpayers across West Michigan to send more of their money to Washington. However, thanks to the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, things are about to change.

First and foremost, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowers tax rates across the board. This means more of your money stays in your pocket, instead of going into Washington’s. In fact, the next time you file your taxes, the standard deduction will nearly double to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for joint-filers, protecting more of your dollars from Washington. Raising a family is expensive, which is why the new law also doubles the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000. The new tax code also preserves the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit as well as the Adoption Tax Credit.

West Michigan is known around the nation as a community that opens its doors to children in search of a forever home. I fought to preserve the Adoption Tax Credit because I believe the federal government should try to minimize financial barriers to adoption and help loving families connect with children in need of one.

Additionally, the new tax law improves the ability of West Michigan families to save for their children’s education by expanding 529 accounts to include the cost of elementary and secondary schools as well as the cost of higher education at a trade school, community college, or university. This forward thinking approach will help West Michigan families plan for their children’s future and success.

When all is said and done, under the new law, a typical family of four earning $73,000 a year will receive a tax cut of approximately $2,000. Those aren’t crumbs; they are significant savings and mean a world of difference to families seeking to replace an appliance, plan a vacation, or make home improvements. The point is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act returns your hard-earned money for you to use as you see fit.

Another way the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is positively impacting West Michigan is by overhauling the tax code for job creators of all sizes.

The new law has already cut taxes for small businesses to a level not seen since World War II. This will allow job creators on Main Street to raise wages, create jobs, and reinvest so they can grow their business. In fact, according to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), more small businesses are raising wages than at any time in the past 17 years and optimism remains near its all-time high. Last week, Lawn Doctor in Hudsonville and Two Men in a Truck in Wyoming were among hundreds of franchise small businesses who said their small businesses and employees will directly benefit from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Lastly, the new tax law lowers our uncompetitive corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. This will help level the playing field for American companies to compete internationally as well as benefit the employees who work there. Already, Walmart announced nearly $12 million in bonuses to employees in Michigan, while also increasing wages for hourly associates, expanding maternity and paternity leave benefits, and creating a $5,000 benefit to help with the costs associated with adoption. Chrysler announced a $1 billion investment in Michigan that would create 2,500 new jobs on top of $2,000 bonuses for employees following tax reform. And here locally, SpartanNash announced it is raising wages, enhancing training, and issuing bonuses because of tax reform.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law only five months ago, and we are already seeing the positive impact it is having on hardworking taxpayers and job creators across West Michigan. Bigger paychecks, higher wages, and enhanced benefit packages for West Michigan’s workforce should be celebrated. As should lower tax rates that help middle income West Michigan families keep more of their hard-earned money. Tax reform is something I fought for since I was first elected to represent the Second District, and I believe we will continue to see and hear about it delivering results that increase economic opportunity and financial security for West Michigan families.

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Historic Tax Reform Enacted

from The Huizenga Huddle: Dec. 28, 2017

Last week, Congress delivered on an important promise with a once in a generation vote to enact tax reform. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act overhauls our tax code for the first time in three decades by cutting taxes for hardworking taxpayers, small businesses and West Michigan companies.

This legislation delivers tax relief for West Michigan by lowering rates, nearly doubling the standard deduction to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for families, and doubling the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000. Additionally, the Child Tax Credit will also be refundable up to $1,400 for low income families with little to no tax liability.

Another way the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will provide relief for middle class taxpayers is by cutting taxes for job creators of all sizes in West Michigan. Over the last two decades, small businesses have been the engine of economic growth. That is why the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides small businesses a significant tax cut that will allow these local entrepreneurs, whether it is the pizza or small manufacturing shop, to invest, create new jobs and grow right here in West Michigan.

Unfortunately, when high profile legislation such as tax reform is debated, the rhetoric surrounding the issue often diverges from reality. Recently the left-leaning Tax Policy Center, who has been critical of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, found in their analysis that the share of federal taxes paid by the 1 percent will rise, while the bottom 80 percent of taxpayers will see greater tax relief. The argument that this tax cut is ‘for the rich’ is false. This is a tax cut for hardworking, middle class families and job creators across West Michigan.

Those who claim that letting West Michigan residents keep more of their hard-earned money adds to the debt are misguided at best. Our debt isn’t caused by a lack of revenue, its Washington’s addiction to spending. This problem isn’t easy to tackle, but it is why I have supported legislation to reduce our spending by $6.5 trillion over the short, medium, and long term. Big spenders in Washington don’t understand. This isn’t their money in the first place, it’s yours.

The Huizenga Huddle: August 1, 2017

Protecting The Great Lakes Ecosystem and Economy

On Friday night, the Army Corps of Engineers announced they are going to release the long awaited Brandon Road study on August 7th. This assessment will provide critical information on how to best prevent Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes ecosystem. I am proud to have worked in a bipartisan manner to get the Administration to release this important document.

huizengatableIn June, I joined Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) in introducing the Stop Asian Carp Now Act, which upon enactment would have forced the release of the Brandon Road Study. After the discovery of an Asian Carp less than 10 miles from Lake Michigan, I led my fellow Michigan Republicans in writing an op-ed for MLive & The Grand Rapids Press discussing the threat Asian Carp pose to the Great Lakes both ecologically and economically.

While the scheduled release of the Brandon Road study is an important and positive step, it is my hope that we can continue to build upon this bipartisan foundation to enact policies that will protect the Great Lakes.

Strengthening Our National Security, Supporting Our Veterans

Last week, the House passed legislation to strengthen our military by providing our troops with the tools they need to complete their mission, secure the border by prioritizing border integrity and funding construction of a wall along our nation’s southern perimeter, and enhance veteran care by improving mental health services, opioid addiction treatment, and suicide prevention programs.

bluewordsOn Wednesday, I discussed these important funding measures as well as health care and tax reform in a Facebook Town Hall. I encourage you to follow me on Facebook to receive notifications about future town hall events and legislative updates. You can watch Wednesday’s discussion by clicking on the image below.

Holding Iran, Russia, and North Korea Accountable

Recently, the House passed legislation to sanction North Korea, Iran, and Russia by a vote of 419-3. The Senate then passed the measure by a vote of 98-2. North Korea and Iran have continued to develop hostile weapons capabilities that threaten our troops and our allies despite diplomatic efforts to stabilize both regions. This bipartisan legislation also enhances sanctions on Russia because of their hostile cyber activities as well as their intervention in the Ukraine. Lastly, this important bill limits the ability of the Executive Branch to unilaterally provide sanction relief to Russia without congressional review. To learn more about this sanctions package that the Administration has said the President will sign, click the picture below.
Maintaining the Healthcare Status Quo is Not Acceptable

Nearly everyone agrees that our nation’s health care system is broken. However, due to the Senate’s inability to pass any type of reform, the status quo will continue to deteriorate forcing Michigan families to face even higher premiums, larger deductibles, and fewer choices to purchase the health insurance that best meets their needs.

The House passed legislation to jump-start the process of reforming our nation’s health care system in May. Michiganders should remember that both Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters created the status quo and are now refusing to fix it. That isn’t leadership and frankly it’s unacceptable. I am equally frustrated by Republican senators who once voted in support of legislation to repeal ObamaCare when President Obama was in the White House but somehow are unable to support it today. It is my hope the Senate will revisit healthcare.

West Michigan’s Impact Around the Globe

Hoekstra Nominated To Serve As Ambassador: Last week, President Trump nominated my colleague, mentor, and friend Pete Hoekstra to serve as our nation’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Pete’s heritage, deep-rooted ties to the Dutch community in West Michigan, and combination of public service and private sector experience make him uniquely qualified to serve as Ambassador to the Netherlands. I cannot think of a better person to further strengthen the relationship between the United States and the Netherlands than Pete Hoekstra. To learn more about Rep. Hoekstra’s service to West Michigan and our nation, click on the image below.

The Huizenga Huddle: March 29, 2017

Health Care Update

I’m very disappointed we couldn’t reach consensus on repealing ObamaCare last week. Over the past six years, I have consistently heard from families and small businesses across West Michigan regarding how they have been negatively impacted by higher premiums and fewer choices all because of the “Affordable” Care Act. While the American Health Care Act was by no means a perfect bill, I believe it was a step in the direction of achieving greater health care flexibility and lower costs for West Michigan residents.

On Monday, I discussed the future of health care in America with the Grandville-Jension Chamber of Commerce. At the meeting, Mary shared her story detailing how ObamaCare caused her premiums to soar by 150% compared to her old plan, while her deductible and co-pays both doubled. Mary said, “I work 60 hours a week to cover expenses and take home a little money to live on. I pinch every penny I make and now the government is taking 40% of my income to cover healthcare? My cancelled plan only took 12% of my income. How is this ‘affordable’?” ObamaCare has failed Mary, and unfortunately because of how the system is structured, there are far too many stories like hers.

I don’t believe ObamaCare can be salvaged, and I will continue to fight to repeal the onerous taxes and mandates put in place by ObamaCare and replace it with a system that restores choice and lowers cost.

Strengthening The Great Lakes Economy

Ensuring the federal government lives up to its obligations to properly dredge Great Lakes Harbors is critical to job creation and economic opportunity in Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland, and Ludington. On March 9th, I testified before the House Appropriations Energy & Water Subcommittee to discuss my ongoing bipartisan effort to hold Washington accountable and strengthen the Great Lakes Economy.

Protecting The Great Lakes

On March 4th, I led a bipartisan letter to President Trump requesting that he personally intervene to help protect the Great Lakes by releasing the first draft of the Brandon Road Report. The letter also respectfully requests the President to instruct the Army Corps of Engineers to continue working with state and local officials, as well as Great Lakes stakeholders, to implement a long term solution for keeping Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes.

President Trump’s Budget

While there are serious and necessary reforms that I support in President Trump’s budget proposal, there are also areas where I have significant disagreements with the President. For example, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) is a critical program that works to preserve the Great Lakes for future generations. The health and vitality of the Great Lakes is instrumental to having a productive Great Lakes economy that creates good-paying jobs and sustained economic growth.

Ultimately, it is Congress that has the constitutional authority to determine which programs are funded. In an era where federal spending must be prioritized, I believe the GLRI, which has a history of proven results and strong bipartisan support, should continue to be a national priority. As co-chair of the Great Lakes Task Force, I am planning to have active conversations with both the Administration as well as my colleagues on Capitol Hill about the importance of the GLRI as Congress continues the appropriations process.

Cutting Red Tape, Boosting Job Creation, Increasing Opportunity

Last week I held a Capital Markets Subcommittee hearing on how the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has implemented the JOBS Act and what its impact has been on capital formation and job creation. During the hearing I called on the SEC to stop pursing political objectives outside its core mission and focus on creating a regulatory environment that supports innovation and job creation.

I also recently appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney to discuss how Dodd-Frank has hurt our economy at the local level by piling layer after layer of red tape on community banks. My colleagues and I are working to enact commonsense reforms through the Financial CHOICE Act that hold Wall Street accountable but make it easier for small businesses on Main Street to get loans from their community banks so they can grow and create jobs. Click the photo below to watch the interview.

The Keystone Pipeline

Its official, the Keystone XL Pipeline has finally been approved! After years of exhaustive studies and manufactured delays by the Obama Administration, President Trump has made the construction of Keystone a reality. This important infrastructure project is an $8 billion investment that will create thousands of jobs at no expense to hardworking taxpayers.

In my mind, the Keystone Pipeline should have been approved years ago, but political games created a self-imposed embargo on energy security and American jobs. Approving the Keystone XL Pipeline is a clear example of how Republicans are working to support the creation of good-paying American jobs.

The Huizenga Huddle: Feb. 15, 2017

Strengthening Our Economy

Yesterday, I had the privilege of joining President Trump, Speaker Ryan, and Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling in the Oval Office for the signing of H.J. Res. 41, my legislation to remove a burdensome provision in Dodd-Frank. This particular regulatory hurdle puts U.S. companies at a disadvantage on the global stage when they are competing against foreign state-owned entities.

Prior to the signing of H.J. Res 41, both President Trump and I spoke from the Oval Office. To watch our remarks, click on the picture below.

For more information on H.J. Res. 41, click here.

Telephone Town Hall Reminder

Tonight, I am holding a telephone town hall at 7 PM. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this technology, I use telephone town halls to contact thousands of West Michigan residents to hear their concerns and provide an update from Washington. If you haven’t participated in a telephone town hall before, you can sign up here to join the conversation.

To The Point

Over the weekend, I joined Rick Albin on “To The Point” to discuss the latest developments in Washington as well as my expanded role as the Chair of the House Capital Markets Subcommittee. To watch the full interview, click the picture below.

Share Your Story

Nearly 7 years ago, President Obama and Democrats in Washington enacted Dodd-Frank under the guise that it would fix what ailed our economy. Since that time, we have learned that Dodd-Frank isn’t the answer and that it’s actually a BIG part of the problem. That is why my colleagues and I are working on a new version of the Republican alternative to Dodd-Frank known as the Financial CHOICE Act. .
As part of our upcoming roll out, we are looking for personal stories to help demonstrate how harmful Dodd-Frank has been. If you lost access to free checking, have found it more difficult to get a reasonable car loan or mortgage, or had to shut the doors to your small business because of Dodd-Frank – please let me know by sharing your story.

Some in Washington continue to believe the more regulations we have on the books, the better off our economy is. I for one reject this notion. We need efficient and effective regulations like the Financial CHOICE Act and by sharing your story, you can help make a difference!

The Huizenga Huddle: January 2017

President Trump’s Inauguration

This past Friday, our nation continued the storied tradition that has become a staple of American democracy – the peaceful transition of power. I look forward to working with President Trump and Vice President Pence to strengthen our economy, end the “Washington knows best” mentality, and make it easier for hardworking families and small businesses across West Michigan to succeed.

It was great to have so many West Michigan residents join in the inauguration festivities. For a behind the scenes look at Inauguration Day be sure to check out my Facebook page!

Beginning The Process To Repeal & Replace ObamaCare

ObamaCare is failing and will soon collapse under its own weight, which is why we must leave behind this failed policy and promote solutions that empower patients and care providers. On January 13th, I voted to instruct the House to begin the step by step process of repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

It’s important to remember that patient protections such as those preventing insurance companies from excluding coverage due to pre-existing conditions or dropping consumers because of costs associated with long-term care are not exclusive to ObamaCare. I am determined to strengthen these important protections as House Republicans have in the “Better Way” proposal, while also increasing access to quality care and delivering on lowering costs for families here in West Michigan and across the nation.

Protecting Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

One of President Trump’s first actions was to reinstate a policy originally enacted by President Reagan that prevents U.S. foreign aid dollars from paying for or promoting abortions.

On Tuesday, I voted in support of legislation to ban taxpayer dollars from paying for an abortion as well as preventing taxpayer subsidies from being used to purchase insurance through ObamaCare that covers abortion. Traditionally, measures which prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to perform abortions have garnered bipartisan support. However, liberals in Washington have recently made it their mission to eliminate these longstanding protections. Prohibiting taxpayer dollars from being used to end the lives of unborn children should not be a partisan position.

After Tuesday’s vote, I spoke on the House floor and called on Congress to go further in protecting the life of the unborn. To watch my floor speech click the picture below.

Financial Services Update: New Subcommittee!

I am excited to announce that for the 115th Congress, I will be chairing the Capital Markets Subcommittee! The responsibility of the subcommittee is to ensure that our capital markets are diverse and highly efficient while helping to facilitate capital formation. Companies use the capital markets to manage their balance sheets, which means that companies are deploying their cash in smart ways such as reinvesting in the marketplace in order to create jobs versus having the money just sitting in a bank vault somewhere.

Additionally, individual investors use the capital markets to invest in such things as retirement accounts and college 529 savings plans. The goal of the subcommittee is to ensure a safe, healthy, effective, and efficient return on investments with the goal of helping to grow the economy. You can learn more about the Capital Markets Subcommittee by clicking here.

Protecting The Great Lakes & Strengthening The Economy

Earlier this month, my colleagues selected me to Co-Chair the Great Lakes Task Force for the 115th Congress. The Great Lakes Task Force has been at the forefront of the effort to enhance the environmental health of the Great Lakes while also ensuring the full economic potential of the Great Lakes region is realized. I am excited about this new opportunity and building on my bipartisan record of preserving and strengthening the Great Lakes.  To learn more about the task force click here.

The Huizenga Huddle: March 29, 2016

Confronting Terrorism
The attacks carried out in Brussels are a tragic and deadly reminder of the threats posed by terrorism that free people across the world face. We must show resolve and stand with our European allies in hunting down the individuals that committed these atrocities. Those who commit terror need to realize they will be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions. While details surrounding this tragedy continue to unfold, let us hold in our hearts and prayers the friends, families, and loved ones of those impacted by these deadly attacks.

Prior to the attack in Brussels, I supported House-passed legislation to recognize the persecution of Christians at the hands of ISIS as genocide and called on the Obama Administration to hold ISIS and the Assad Regime accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Since the passage of this legislation, the Obama Administration announced that the atrocities ISIS has committed against Christians and other religious minorities constitute genocide. This recognition is an important first step. We cannot stand for religious freedom around the world and do nothing when radical terrorists slaughter innocent Christians because of their faith in Christ. The President must provide a detailed response plan to end this genocide. The United States must lead on protecting religious freedom.

Protecting Taxpayers, Stopping Foreign Bailouts
This past Tuesday, I questioned Treasury Secretary Jack Lew about the Obama Administration pushing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to make fiscally risky loans to Greece. Greece later defaulted on one of these loans, potentially leaving American taxpayers on the hook for the loan.

This is completely irresponsible. To prevent this from happening in the future, I introduced H.R. 4836, legislation to STOP these unsound bailouts, close the loopholes being exploited by the Obama Administration, and protect American taxpayers from footing the bill for the fiscal follies happening in the eurozone and elsewhere. To learn more about this important legislation and read the bill text, click here.

Defending The Constitution
For the first time in our nation’s history, the House acted to protect the constitutional standing of the Legislative Branch by filing an amicus brief with the Supreme Court against the President’s unconstitutional executive overreach. The Constitution is clear; the authority to make law resides within the Legislative Branch, not the Executive.

Recent actions by the Obama Administration have not only blurred the line on this important separation of power but have crossed it. By taking this unprecedented action, the House has gone on record to defend the principles of self-determination, self-government, and government by consent of the governed.

Speaker Ryan gave an excellent speech regarding precisely what is at stake if the Obama Administration and the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats that serve it are able to disregard the Constitution. You can watch the speech by clicking here.

The Badger Is Now A National Historic Landmark!
Last month, after nearly five years in bureaucratic limbo, the application submitted to have Ludington’s S.S. Badger recognized as a National Historic Landmark has been approved!

This designation highlights not only the historical significance of the vessel but also underscores the economic importance of the Badger to the communities of Ludington and Manitowoc as well as the hardworking families and small businesses that have relied on this Great Lakes car ferry for generations.

I am happy to report that another generation of Michiganders will be able to experience and enjoy this piece of living history. Read more about this historic designation in the Ludington Daily News.

Fed Reform Follow Up
As some of you may know, I have authored the most comprehensive plan to reform the Federal Reserve in Congress. This legislation is known as the FORM Act. It aims to strengthen the economy by requiring the Federal Reserve to develop a math-based approach to policy decisions, while also making the Fed more accountable and more transparent to the American people.

Earlier this month, the Hoover Institution at Stanford University featured a piece written by Dr. Allan Meltzer regarding the Federal Reserve and how it needs to change the manner in which it conducts monetary policy. In the piece, Dr. Meltzer specifically references the FORM Act as the key legislative proposal to do just that. I hope you will read this informative article on why the FORM Act is not only a strong legislative solution, but a necessary one as well.

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The Huizenga Huddle: State of the Union Edition

President Obama’s Final State Of The Union A Missed Opportunity

Prior to President Obama’s speech, I released a video detailing the three items I hoped to hear the President address: first, a comprehensive strategy to restore American leadership across the globe; second, a plan to fix our nation’s broken VA system (so our veterans can get the best care available); and lastly, a commitment to ensuring an open and transparent government. Unfortunately, I believe the President fell well-short on all three of these critical issues and missed an important opportunity to move our nation forward.

Following the State of Union Address, I logged into Facebook for a “live event” and further discussed the President’s State of the Union. Additionally, I had in depth conversations with Neal Dionne on WOOD Radio and Parker & Davis on 1260 the Pledge. Both of these interviews are available for you to listen to at the links above.

Defunding Planned Parenthood & Repealing ObamaCare

For the first time ever, Congress put a bill on the President’s desk to defund Planned Parenthood & repeal ObamaCare.

This important reconciliation legislation eliminates funding for Planned Parenthood and instead invests those dollars into federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics that do not put their financial interests ahead of women and children

In Michigan, there are 20 federally qualified health clinics for every Planned Parenthood location. This will ensure women receive high quality medical care while protecting the life of the unborn.

Last Thursday, I spoke on the House floor about promoting a culture of life and this historic legislation. You can watch the video here.

AP Government: How Does Planned Parenthood Receive Taxpayer Dollars?

I have heard from many constituents across West Michigan who were disappointed that the recent year-end government funding legislation did not “defund” Planned Parenthood.

Like the overwhelming majority of families across West Michigan, I do not believe abortion providers like Planned Parenthood should be eligible to receive Title X grants, which are funded by the annual appropriations process.

However, Planned Parenthood’s primary source of funding is not through the traditional appropriations process, which is also known as discretionary spending.  The bulk of taxpayer dollars that Planned Parenthood receives comes from a category known as mandatory spending, which is outside the traditional power of the purse held by Congress.  This is very similar to how ObamaCare is funded.

The government shutdown in 2013 demonstrated that programs funded via mandatory spending, like Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare, would continue to operate while our troops and border agents would go without pay and life saving research is put on hold.

By passing the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, Congress defunded nearly 90% of the federal dollars Planned Parenthood is currently eligible for. “Defunding” Planned Parenthood through the appropriations process would have only addressed approximately 10% of the funding the organization receives from Title X grants.

While the President vetoed this measure, it marks a historic victory for the pro-life movement. It also demonstrates that Congress has found a way to navigate the arcane rules of the Senate in a constitutional manner to repeal the burden that is ObamaCare.

Let’s not forget, if there was a Republican in the White House, ObamaCare would be repealed and the vast majority of taxpayer dollars flowing into Planned Parenthood would be eliminated. Moving forward, I will be supporting the effort to override the President’s veto.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

By making the decision to use executive actions, the President is clearly attempting to politicize tragedies to advance his gun control agenda as he said he would do in an October 2015 speech.

Last week, I spoke on the House floor in defense of the Second Amendment & law abiding citizens while calling on the President to stop pursuing his political agenda and join the bipartisan effort to fix our nation’s broken mental health system.

I am a proud cosponsor of Rep. Tim Murphy’s Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. This legislation will overhaul our nation’s inadequate and outdated mental health system so people who need treatment can receive it. Simply throwing more money at the issue without these reforms is like giving the VA more money without demanding better care for our veterans.

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The Huizenga Huddle: August 7th, 2015

Promoting a Culture of Life

As more videos are released detailing the horrific scenes from inside Planned Parenthood facilities, it is a heartbreaking reminder of how barbaric these procedures truly are.

On July 21st, I joined my Republican colleagues on the House floor to speak in support of life. These unborn children are not numbers on a spreadsheet or specimens in a lab. These are human lives. To watch my speech promoting a culture of life click here.

I am hopeful the House will soon consider H.R. 217, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act. This legislation would prevent any “family planning grants” from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions such as Planned Parenthood. I am a cosponsor of this legislation, which is available for you to read here.

Lastly, the Wall Street Journal wrote a powerful editorial describing how taxpayer dollars are “fungible,” meaning every taxpayer dollar that goes to Planned Parenthood allows it to use more of its own money to perform abortions. To learn more about this, I encourage you to read the WSJ Editorial which is available here.

Hearing From You On Iran

On July 23rd, I held my third telephone town hall in the month of July with West Michigan residents. This conversation included many questions about the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, what it means for security, and what the potential alternatives are.

Some, including President Obama, are pushing the false narrative that we must accept this deal or go to war.  I reject this notion completely.

I believe this deal falls well short of the original stated goals and is dangerous not only for our allies in the Middle East, but for the national security of the United States as well.  The economic sanctions on the Iranian regime are working and are directly responsible for bringing the Iranian Government to the table in the first place. In fact, I believe the sanctions should be increased on Iran because of their continued support for terrorism.  Lifting the economic sanctions on Iran is not only the wrong move, it is dangerous.

Even the President has admitted some of the money unfrozen from sanction relief will be used to fund terrorism.  I encourage you to read this editorial from Bloomberg News regarding the President’s latest speech on Iran.  The President should stop promoting fear and stick to the facts about this agreement.

Action On Reforming The Federal Reserve

Last week, the House Financial Services Committee passed the FORM Act, my legislation to modernize the Federal Reserve and make the institution more transparent and accountable to hardworking taxpayers.

Earlier this week, I delivered a video message on Fed Reform and why “The Fed” needs to be brought into the 21st century.  The video delivers a quick break down of how my legislation would change the way the Federal Reserve operates and increases accountability.  Click here to watch the video.

If you would like to learn more about my bill, head over to Huizenga.House.Gov to read the legislation, see a section by section break down of the bill, and watch my speech prior to the committee passing this important reform package.

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