Letters to the Editor-elections

The Best of the Best

To the Editor:
We have elected or hired the most qualified persons to fill our most important position throughout our community. Think of our mayor, city manager, his most important HR Department and his entire staff. Our outstanding police and fire personnel, the men and women who make up our parks, maintenance works, library, museums and utilities; our superintendent of schools, his principals, and his entire staff of teachers, coaches and support personnel.
Several hundred in all. Each and every one elected or hired because they met the highest standards that qualified them for the position sought.
Not one, not a single person would have been elected or hired if he or she had a proven history of lying, or a history of questionable activity. Simply put, if anyone of the above mentioned had or is being investigated and questioned by the FBI or a panel of appointed government investigators, they would not have been hired. Especially, if it was proven that they had lied under oath and had a history of covering up their lying and connection with criminal activity.
Hillary Clinton has failed time and again to prove she is qualified to lead this nation.
Does Hillary have a very serious neurological degeneration health problem? Is Hillary exhibiting early signs of Parkinson’s disease? Will Hillary’s campaign be forced into making a big announcement soon regarding her medical condition, or at this point what difference does it make?

Bob DeHare
Grand Haven Township