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Celebrating New Leadership At United Way of the Lakeshore

Changing of the Guard! United Way of the Lakeshore Welcomes New Board Members!

To be considered for United Way of the Lakeshore board membership, all members should possess wisdom and a commitment to the United Way mission. Directors must exhibit a commitment of both time and active attention to fulfill their obligations. Generally, this means that directors should ensure that they have the time to prepare for meetings; attend board and committee meetings, consult with management as needed; and be engaged in critical decision-making and resource development for the organization. We also expect our directors to stay informed about issues that are relevant to our mission. We are excited to welcome our 8 new board members!

  • Shawn Buckner, Meijer
  • Tamica Fox, ADAC Automotive
  • Jim Steffel, Warner, Norcross & Judd
  • Mike Reynolds, CWC Textron
  • Stacey Gomez, CALL 211
  • Tom Schultz, Tyler Sales
  • Lori Little, Gerber Federal Credit Union
  • Chris Wren, Newaygo County

To Our Retiring Board Members, Thank You!

To our 9 retiring board members, we thank you for your guidance and wisdom during your time on the board. Your time, talent, and treasure are a key part of how we continue to support needed programs and partnerships that help our community thrive. Because of you, we were able to Respond, Reimagine, Recover and Rebuild, and we continue to do so.

  • Sherri Anderson-Patterson, 2 years, past Newaygo County Committee Chair
  • Mary Boyd, 8 years, past Lakeshore Board Chair and Muskegon Campaign Chair
  • Laura Carpenter, 6 years, RSVP Advisory Committee Chair and past Muskegon Campaign Chair
  • Dakota Crow, 2 years, Agency Director’s Chair
  • Ed Garner, 6 years, Muskegon Campaign Cabinet
  • Fred Johnson, 6 years, Advisor on community needs
  • Tyshon Massey, 6 years, former Muskegon Campaign Loaned Executive & Labor Participation
  • Josh Reece, 6 years, past chair Young Leaders Circle
  • Robert Ross, 5 years, past Newaygo Committee and Campaign Chair

Tyler Sales Vice President and General Manager, Tom Schultz, Will Lead Our Campaign Cabinet As Our 2021 Campaign Chair!


Please join us in welcoming Tom to lead the Community Campaign this year. Many of you know Tom and the Tyler Sales Team for their years of investments in building our community since 1934. Both Stan and Jim Tyler previously served in leadership roles for United Way of the Lakeshore. Tom is the past Chair of the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and formerly served on the 2004 and 2020 Campaign Cabinet.

Reach out to Kara Zielinski by phone at 231-332-4003 or email at kara@unitedwaylakeshore.org if you can help Tom lead a successful campaign this year.

United Way of the Lakeshore Summer Stock Up Kicks Off on June 1st

Every year, food pantries across the lakeshore are fully stocked in the winter months thanks to generous holiday donations—but when summer comes, donations drop dramatically and pantry shelves become sparse. This can leave low-income, hard-working families with limited options during this time of year. United Way of the Lakeshore asks local businesses and community members to participate in our “Summer Stock Up” event to stock local food pantries with items to get them through the warmer months. We are making it safer and easier than ever—we’ll do the shopping for you! Just pick how much you want to spend, and we’ll make sure each pantry gets exactly what they need.

Join United Way in bringing some cheer to local pantries again this June!

United Way & GE Aviation Clean Veteran Headstones In Honor of Memorial Day

submitted by United Way of the Lakeshore


Memorial Day commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle. In other words, the purpose of Memorial Day is to memorialize the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We spend time remembering those who lost their lives and could not come home, reflecting on their service and why we have the luxury and freedom that we enjoy today.


On Friday, May 21st the GE Aviation team joined United Way in a Cemetery Cleanup at the Oakwood Cemetery in the City of Muskegon. A team of 12 volunteers washed fallen veteran headstones. Veteran headstones from as early as the Civil War were honored and cleaned. This is United Way’s 2nd time hosting an event like this one. We would like to offer this project as a regular corporate engagement volunteer activity for those that would like to be involved. A huge thank you to the GE Aviation Team for their hard work and care for our veterans!

Become a Box Host for a Baby Product Drive — April 7th – May 6th

Help Our Littlest Community Members Stay Dry & Safe!

We need your help to Fill the Truck for our Baby Product Drive! We are in need of community drop-off location sites for the upcoming drive that will be running from April 7th through May 6th.

The “Fill the Truck Drive” collects items on a quarterly basis and then distributes them to those in need within our community. For the spring we are collecting diapers, wipes, and other baby products for our littlest community members. Diapers can be expensive and are a must for all families with little ones. If your workplace, agency, church, or club would like to be a donation box host, please fill out our online form by clicking the link below.

On the last drive, we helped over 200 babies directly because of this drive. We need your help to make this drive a success! Please consider hosting a box. Thank you!

Click Here To Be A Box Host!

More Information About Drive:

Where Do The Drive Donations Go?
Muskegon: All Muskegon donations will be collected, and we will host a Community Baby Shower where families can receive diapers and other donations on-site as well as find information about other baby services offered in the community. More information on this shower will be released in April.
Newaygo & Oceana: Newaygo & Oceana County donations will go to local pantries in their community.

Who Can Become A Box Host? How does it work?
Are you a business, workplace, agency, church, school, or club? Then you can be a box host – we make it easy! We provide boxes and marketing materials you can set up in your space. We also send out reminders, statistics, and fun ideas you can do to increase engagement! At the end of the drive, we pick the box up for you and make sure it goes to where it needs to be sorted.

Baby Drive Contact Information:

Muskegon Office
Dominique Bunker, dominique@unitedwaylakeshore.org (231) 332-4006

Oceana Office:
Barbara Sims, barbara@unitedwaylakeshore.org (231) 332-4005

Newaygo Office:
Mayor Jim Rynberg, mayor@cityoffremont.net

Thanks from the Mission for Area People

Thank You!!
Thanks to all who support Mission for Area People in many different ways!

Special Thanks to Senator Hansen for his annual pig donation for our food pantry. For the past few years Senator Hansen has been helping the MAP food pantry by purchasing a pig and having it packaged for our pantry. Thank you Senator Geoff Hansen for thinking of Mission for Area People as we continued to provide for community neighbors in need.

Thank you to the Sister Simone Courtade Fund for the generous gift for our Medical Support as well as our Healthy Choice Food Pantry. The support from these gifts will help provide necessary emergency medical needs as well as healthy food choices for our pantry.

Thank you United Way of the Lakeshore Day of Caring for orchestrating hundreds of volunteers from all over who give their time and talents to 10 local non‐profits in our community, Mission for Area People being one of them. Thank you team leader Corey Watson for all your hard work.

Thank you Chris from CC Carpet for donating the carpet for our lobby and stairway.

Thank you Roy from Port City for donating 5 gallons of paint for our lobby.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the Day of Caring a special event. Your support of Mission for Area People is very much appreciated.