Dead Candidate’s Name to Remain on Fruitport Township Ballot

Sherry Yonkers, one of the leading candidates for Fruitport Township trustee, is still listed on the ballot even though she has recently passed away. The ballot is already prepared and it is too late to remove her name.

Yonkers received the second highest number of votes in the August primary election. There are five additional candidates running for trustee in the November election, and the top four of these six will become the elected trustees. Apparently, if voters don’t know of her death, and Yonkers receives enough votes to be counted in the top four, the votes for her will not count and the candidate with the next highest number of votes would move up.

Evidently, absentee voters who already filed and voted for Yonkers may go to the Fruitport Township Hall to inquire about a new ballot if they want to change their vote, and write-in candidates may go there to register through October 28th.

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