Dog Bite Awareness & Prevention

Over 4 million… that’s the number of dog bite incidents each year in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control. The family dog or a neighbor’s dog inflict nearly 80% of dog bite-related injuries to children aged 18 and under, with children aged 5-9 having the highest injury rate. The dogs often end up in shelters, and many shelters will euthanize based on bite history.

To reduce the number of bite-related injuries, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance has launched a Dog Bite Awareness and Prevention campaign on our website. The site features educational resources including a new video produced by MPFA explaining dog body language. The video features voiceover by Peter Carey, star of the smash hit play “Ernie” by Mitch Albom.

MPFA chairperson Deborah Schutt said, “The key to preventing dog bites is responsible pet ownership and education. Our goal with this campaign is to make our communities safer, free up resources in our shelters, and save more dogs’ lives.”

Contact if you are interested in distributing this video to schools, daycares, pediatricians, or other interested groups.