Celebrating New Leadership At United Way of the Lakeshore

Changing of the Guard! United Way of the Lakeshore Welcomes New Board Members!

To be considered for United Way of the Lakeshore board membership, all members should possess wisdom and a commitment to the United Way mission. Directors must exhibit a commitment of both time and active attention to fulfill their obligations. Generally, this means that directors should ensure that they have the time to prepare for meetings; attend board and committee meetings, consult with management as needed; and be engaged in critical decision-making and resource development for the organization. We also expect our directors to stay informed about issues that are relevant to our mission. We are excited to welcome our 8 new board members!

  • Shawn Buckner, Meijer
  • Tamica Fox, ADAC Automotive
  • Jim Steffel, Warner, Norcross & Judd
  • Mike Reynolds, CWC Textron
  • Stacey Gomez, CALL 211
  • Tom Schultz, Tyler Sales
  • Lori Little, Gerber Federal Credit Union
  • Chris Wren, Newaygo County

To Our Retiring Board Members, Thank You!

To our 9 retiring board members, we thank you for your guidance and wisdom during your time on the board. Your time, talent, and treasure are a key part of how we continue to support needed programs and partnerships that help our community thrive. Because of you, we were able to Respond, Reimagine, Recover and Rebuild, and we continue to do so.

  • Sherri Anderson-Patterson, 2 years, past Newaygo County Committee Chair
  • Mary Boyd, 8 years, past Lakeshore Board Chair and Muskegon Campaign Chair
  • Laura Carpenter, 6 years, RSVP Advisory Committee Chair and past Muskegon Campaign Chair
  • Dakota Crow, 2 years, Agency Director’s Chair
  • Ed Garner, 6 years, Muskegon Campaign Cabinet
  • Fred Johnson, 6 years, Advisor on community needs
  • Tyshon Massey, 6 years, former Muskegon Campaign Loaned Executive & Labor Participation
  • Josh Reece, 6 years, past chair Young Leaders Circle
  • Robert Ross, 5 years, past Newaygo Committee and Campaign Chair

Tyler Sales Vice President and General Manager, Tom Schultz, Will Lead Our Campaign Cabinet As Our 2021 Campaign Chair!


Please join us in welcoming Tom to lead the Community Campaign this year. Many of you know Tom and the Tyler Sales Team for their years of investments in building our community since 1934. Both Stan and Jim Tyler previously served in leadership roles for United Way of the Lakeshore. Tom is the past Chair of the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and formerly served on the 2004 and 2020 Campaign Cabinet.

Reach out to Kara Zielinski by phone at 231-332-4003 or email at kara@unitedwaylakeshore.org if you can help Tom lead a successful campaign this year.