Governor Whitmer’s Pro-abortion Advancements

Anna-Marie Visser, Director of Communication/Education, Right to Life of Michigan

Governor Whitmer announced yesterday that she is filing a lawsuit asking the Michigan Supreme Court to find a right to abortion within the state constitution. Governor Whitmer has executive authority that allows her to make requests or file a brief that goes directly to the Michigan Supreme Court.

The lawsuit asks the Court to find a right to abortion within our constitution. This is an interesting development as Governor Whitmer was supporting the Reproductive Freedom for All petition that is trying to create a right to abortion.

So, which is it? Is there already a right that has been hiding all these years and no Michigan court has been able to find or does the right need to be created and established?

The Michigan Supreme Court has the obligation to deny this case as it is manipulative and dishonest. The Michigan Supreme Court already decided that there was no abortion right in the constitution in 1997 in the case Mahaffey v. Attorney General. The Court refused to hear it and ruled that they agree with the lower Court of Appeals of Michigan that there was no such right.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barb Listing stated:

This is a frivolous lawsuit that should be immediately dismissed by the Michigan Supreme Court. Governor Whitmer is ignoring the voices of Michiganders by bypassing all lower courts and court precedent just as the U.S. Supreme Court did when they decided on Roe v. Wade.

Governor Whitmer is up for reelection this year so this seems to be a political move to ensure that she will get the pro-abortion vote. Governor Whitmer also sent out a fundraising letter yesterday. Is it a coincidence that it happens to be on the same day as the lawsuit?

The Governor is ignoring the wishes of Michiganders who are not going to get a chance to vote, sign, or voice their opinion.

We knew that they would sue, just not before Roe v. Wade decision was announced so the timing is shocking. Nevertheless, we must keep fighting and be prepared as this year is monumental for so many reasons.

Please visit the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children coalition website to learn how to fight against the anything-goes abortion amendment. There are resources available for educating the public, your families, churches, and communities.