WMKG TV CH38 Going Digital

Fenton Kelley, owner of WMKG television announced today that WMKG TV CH38 will be going digital and adding three additional broadcast channels.

Construction is underway to add digital channels by the first of December.

There will be a Channel 49 – 1 which will be Channel 38’s regular programming. Channel 49 – 2 is scheduled to be country videos along with local music videos, and channel 49  – 3 is yet to be determined.

This move will increase the range of the broadcast  to 45 miles or more.

Acme Antenna and tree service will be installing the large antenna by late November.

Channel 38 which was originally Channel 40 went on the air in 1990 and is still family owned although Fenton has placed the station up for sale and wishes to retire.

WMKG Channel 38 is one of the few independently owned television stations broadcasting 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Channel 38 will remain on the air with it’s regular programming which includes local church services, bible studies, square dancing and high school sports along with many syndicated programs.