Letter to Editor: 11-27-13


The biggest reason for the moral downfall that exists in the U.S.A. is the so-called Supreme Court of the United States of America. I am referring to two major decisions.

The 1973 decision that allowed the murder of millions of unborn babies – Roe verses Wade. Does anyone believe the authors of our constitution would allow the murder of babies? Or same sex marriage? At conception babies are persons. The baby is an individual carrying both the mother’s and father’s DNA. Why is it that the father has no say whether or not to end an unborn baby’s life?

As for same sex marriage is concerned, I believe the so-called Supreme Court does not have the authority to render such outrageous decisions.

The Defense of Marriage was passed by the people of California. The Congress of the United States passed The Defense of Marriage Act. How can five members of the so-called Supreme Court override Federal and State laws?

Our country has no right to preach morals to other countries as long as evil decisions exist. Wake up people, these decisions must be struck down!

I have recently seen on television and in the newspaper, that our government is considering keeping troops in Afghanistan until 2024. I strenuously object to this insanity. We don’t need any more of our troops killed or wounded.

And why do we have such a large National debt? As ex-President Clinton stated during a campaign, it’s the economy, stupid. In this instance it’s the cost of Mideast wars that’s stupid. It is one of the biggest reasons for the national debt. Pull the troops out of Afghanistan now instead of cutting Social Security, Medicare and other programs that benefit average people.

Contractors have made billions off these Mid-East wars, and million dollar vehicles are being burned because it is too expensive to ship them back to the U.S. What a deception! There are government officials listed periodically in the Muskegon Chronicle, many with toll-free numbers. Call them or write them. It may help them decide to get all troops and contractors out of Afghanistan now. If the President signs an agreement to keep troops in Afghanistan, I will lose all respect for him.

Richard L. Lang, Ravenna