Clara Moore, 85 Years Young

by Luanne Peter

On October 4, 2016, Clara Moore, 85 years young, of Fruitport, was able to scratch off a much anticipated item from her “bucket list.”  She was pleasantly surprised when her Grandson, Nic Moore, also of Fruitport, arranged for her to take a ride in the side car of a motorcycle.  Clara, being her comical self, as she stepped into the side car remarked at how “deep it was in there” and was concerned as to how she was ever going to be able to get out!

Clara had a big grin on her face when she left home that day and when she returned, some 30 minutes later, it was still there.  She made comment as to whether she still had her teeth, wondering if perhaps they were out there “flying around somewhere!”

When asked if she would do it again, Clara doesn’t hesitate to respond with an emphatic “YES!”  Next item on Clara’s “bucket list”….a much calmer adventure with a trip to Tahquamenon Falls perhaps?

**We were sorry that we never got the name of the man who so graciously came out on his day off and made Grandma Clara’s bucket list adventure one that she will hold close to her heart always.  Thank you so very much!

clara in a sidecar