Fruitport Township Planning Commission Special Meeting Minutes – 09/05/18


September 5, 2018

Called to order at 7:00 p.m.

01. Roll Call: Chair Michelli, Suchecki, Franklin, Newmyer, Jacobs. Staff: Supervisor Tice, Jacob Mason.

02. Approve / Amend Agenda: No changes

03. Public Comments pertaining to agenda topics: none

Old Business
04a. Site Plan Review / Revision – PCR Properties
Parcel:              61-15-101-300-0003-00
Purpose:          Site Plan Revision-adding loading dock

The motion is made by Suchecki to grant the site plan request for parcel number 61-15-101-300-0003-00. Newmyer supported, motion unanimously passed.

1. The motion is made to [grant/deny] the site plan request for parcel number(s) 61-15-101-300-0003-00

2. The motion is based upon specific findings by the Township relative to the factors specified in Section 42-224 of the Zoning Chapter.
–a. All elements of the site plan [are/are not] harmoniously and efficiently organized in relation to topography, the size and type of lot, the character of adjoining property and the type and size of buildings. The site [will/will not] impede the normal and orderly development or improvement of surrounding property for permitted uses. This finding is based upon the following fact(s): _____________ _________________________________________________________________.

–b. The landscape [will/will not] be preserved in its natural state, insofar as practicable, by minimizing tree and soil removal, and by topographic modifications which result in maximum harmony with adjacent areas. This finding is based upon the followingfact(s):

–c. Special attention [has/has not] been given to proper site surface drainage. Removal of stormwaters [will/will not] adversely affect neighboring properties. This finding is based upon the following fact(s): __________________________.

–d. The site plan [will/will not] provide reasonable visual and sound privacy for all dwelling units located therein. Fences, walks, barriers, and landscaping [will/will not] provide appropriate protection and enhancement of property and privacy of its occupants. This finding is based upon the following fact(s):

–e. Buildings or groups of buildings [are/are not] arranged as to permit emergency vehicle access. This finding is based upon the following fact(s):___________________________________________________.

–f. Every structure or dwelling unit [does/does not] have access to a public street, walkway, or other area dedicated to common use. This finding is based upon the following fact(s):

–g. A pedestrian circulation system which is insulated as completely as reasonably possible from the vehicular circulation system [is/is not] provided. This finding is based upon the following fact(s):

–h. All loading and unloading areas and outside storage areas, including areas for the storage of trash, which face or are visible from residential districts or public thoroughfares [are/are not] screened by a vertical screen consisting of structural or plant materials no less than six feet in height. This finding is based upon the following fact(s):

–i. Exterior lighting [is/is not] arranged so that it is deflected away from adjacent properties and will not impede the vision of traffic along adjacent streets. This finding is based upon the following fact(s): ____.

–j. Any other findings regarding any other factors established by the Zoning Chapter for the site plan:

3. If the motion is to grant approval, the following conditions are established.
–a. The development must comply with the site plan, dated 9-1-18, submitted to the Township, as well as any written material submitted by the applicant to the Township.

–b. The development must comply with all federal, state, and Muskegon County laws, rules, regulations, and requirements.

–c. The development must be acquired, developed, and completed in conformance with the Zoning Chapter, as amended, and the rest of the Fruitport Charter Township Code of Ordinances.

–d. The development must be completed within ____ years. This deadline may be extended by the Township, without going through the entire application process, upon request by the applicant and evidence showing that the applicant is proceeding in good faith toward completion.

–e. If the site plan approval is contingent upon public water service or public sanitary sewer service or both being provided, then no construction of the development may begin until all required easements are in place, all required forms have been completed, and all approvals for service have been obtained.

–f. A digital copy of the site plan as approved shall be provided to the Fire Inspector at, or such other e-mail address as the Fire Inspector may designate.

–g. Any other conditions placed by the Township upon the site plan approval:______________.

04b. Chair Michelli discussed Teddy Spaghetti contacting him on using LP board & batten instead of split faced blaock for addition on back for the kitchen. Can Zoning Administrator and Planning Commission Chair approve? Yes, the change is minor enough for the Zoning Administrator and Planning Chair to approve.

05. Public Comments: None

06. Adjournment 7:30 p.m.

The township will provide necessary reasonable aids and services for this meeting to individuals with disabilities by writing or telephoning the Township Clerk:
Andrea Anderson
Fruitport Charter Township
5865 Airline Rd, Fruitport, MI 49415
(231) 865-3151.