Proposal 1 Not Good Enough for Michigan Libertarians

April 20, 2019

Bay City, MI – While many Michiganders are looking to last year’s Proposal 1 as the conclusion of the decades long marijuana legalization movement, delegates to the Libertarian Party of Michigan state convention last Saturday April 13 saw it as a beginning, and they are looking ahead to more reforms.

Many of those attending the convention in Bay City expressed dismay at the taxes that will be levied on cannabis and are disturbed by the continued incarceration of people imprisoned for marijuana related activities before they were legalized.

Over two-thirds of the delegates voted to endorse the following resolution:

Be it resolved, that the Libertarian Party of Michigan supports the amendment to the Michigan Constitution proposed as of this date by End Prohibition Michigan.

Proposed language to amend the Michigan Constitution
This proposal would add a new Section 28 to Article 1.
The natural, lawful, unalienable and absolute rights of the people to cultivate and utilize the natural plant known as Cannabis shall not be infringed. These rights include, but are not limited to, the possession, consumption, growing, manufacturing, delivery, treatment, purchase, sale, transfer, storage and transport of any plant, seed, flower, leaf, mixture, derivative, extract, product, or preparation of any Cannabis plant for personal preparations including, but not limited to the recreational, religious, medical, development, educational, commercial and industrial purposes within the State of Michigan.
All local and state penalties shall be repealed, nullified or otherwise abrogated.
No fines, fees, regulations, or penalties to diminish the use of cannabis shall be applied or allowed.
Any tax levied shall be in accordance with the current State of Michigan sales tax code. Cannabis used for medicines and foods shall be exempt from all taxes. No other taxes shall be levied.
All prior and current non-violent Cannabis related convictions shall be null and void and the records of such convictions expunged from the records.