Planning Commission Regular Meeting_09-16-14

Fruitport Charter Township, 6543 Airline Road, Fruitport, MI 49415
Date: September 16, 2014

Planning Commissioner Michelli brought the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

01. Roll Call:
–        Members Present: Jeff Jacobs, Morrie Dadd, Mike Michelli Jr., Chuck Whitlow, Randy Lee, Geoff Newmyer , Kyle Osterhart.
–        Members Absent: None.

02. Approval of Planning Commission Minutes: July 15, 2014
A.   Under Agenda #9, Letter F, Letter G, Letter C; revise to, “The parking spots shall be 9’-6-1/2” x 20’-0”.
B.   Under Agenda #9a, Comment 2, Sub-Comment 1; revise to, “42-606(B): if you expand or extend your residence, you must comply with the regulations. When a driveway or a residence is expanded the driveway must be updated.”
C.   Lee motioned to approve the minutes as presented, Newmyer supported
a. Ayes: All in Favor.
b.Nays: None.

03. Approve / Amend Agenda:
A.   The agenda is approved as presented.

04. Correspondence / Reports:
A.   Lakes Mall Shed.
a. Supervisor Werschem & Chairman Jacobs mentioned this is for salt storage. The structure is 4’-0” x 5’-0”. The planning commission didn’t have any further comment.

05. Public Comments pertaining to agenda topics:
A.   None.

Administrative Matters:
06. B-2 & B-3 Business District.
A.   This has been reviewed by the township attorney & now the Planning Commission needs to review it.  There will be a public hearing considering the changes next month. Lee suggested the lot requirements and setback requirements should be set as a “minimum” to minimize confusion. Supervisor Werschem also suggested we should look at how the new ordinance would affect existing businesses.

07. Driveway Ordinance.
A.   Brian Michelli, from the Fruitport Fire Department, is present to represent the Fire Department. He explained there are conflicts with the fire code & the township ordinance. This year, there has been (3) instances with the terminology “existing”. The fire department would like the “existing” portion taken out or revised in the ordinance.
B.   The other issue is that the width of the driveway varies from the ordinance & the fire code. The planning commission / township needs to find a way to revise the ordinance so that the ordinance & fire code do not contradict each other.
a. The width issue becomes unclear when a driveways is over 150’-0”, not under 150’-0”.
C.   Jacobs suggested that driveways should be reviewed by the fire department if there is an increase to the square footage of the primary dwelling or an accessory building.
D.   The planning commission needs to address both issues.
E.   Werschem said he is going to have a conversation with the township attorney about both issues & get his interpretation/suggestions & report back to the Planning Commission next month.

Unfinished Business:
08. None.

New Business:
09. None.

10. Public Comments:
A.   Werschem handed out the sign ordinance. He asked that the Planning Commission review it because there have been conflicts & issues that aren’t addressed properly.
a. One issue being, it does not address monument signs & whether or not where & how they are allowed.
b.There is also a problem with a church on Pontaluna Road that wants to change their sign but cannot because of the ordinances restrictions. The planning commission needs to review institutional uses in residential areas. Home occupations would need to be excluded.

11. Adjournment: There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kyle D. Osterhart, Secretary