Editorial for Fruitport Township Residents

Vote YES on November 3rd to withdraw from MADL. Also vote NO for the MADL tax increase.

The Voters need to correct
With a heavy-handed pitch from the county level, the residents of Fruitport voted to join the Muskegon Area District Library (MADL) about 10 years ago while I was the township supervisor. I had misgivings at that time, but I did not take an active position against it.

Unfortunately, those misgivings have come to pass. We have given it a 10-year try and it has been a problem as the experiences expressed in the 4-page information flyer sent out explains. I believe it will continue to be unfair and problematic for our community and for our taxpayers until our voters vote to withdraw from MADL. It needs to be done now otherwise we will have to suffer through another ten years of injustice and increased taxes.

I believe that the library committee with the oversite of the township board and village council can provide a much better library than we could ever have being part of MADL and for less tax money.

—Previous Twp. Supervisor, Ron Cooper

P.S. The MADL is busy sending out faulty and misleading information. Don’t get taken in by it. If you would like the truth, the committee has the information available at the township hall.