Letter to the Editor – Football

Unknown writer

Is your life like a lifetime movie? What if Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser had been teachers instead of the political business for careers? Would they have lost their jobs and lots more? Doubtful – and a lot of we women would know who got tired of middle-aged former husbands, lovers and current husbands who suffer from the Peter Pan disease of liking guys in costumes beating the stuffing out of other guys in costumes, than discussing football with more old guys better than being with us.

At least the males get out of the house long enough for some of us to be appreciated by grown men instead of well over-aged boys who never grew up.

Soon there will be 40 football bowl games on TV. It isn’t about the pageantry. It’s about the money and always will be. There should be a retirement home for Peter Pan types but there isn’t and that includes the Disney complexes, also very popular with millions of people with money to blow. Guys often wonder why their marriages fall apart, or why things just don’t seem magical anymore. It all started when football became the main religion in America and along the way, some ardent former cheerleaders opted for new game plans.

Happy Holidays!!

Sincerely, 65% of women in America with college degrees
   (Some wives enjoy the game sitting next to their man. They may not be the 65% of the smart college women you refer to, but are probably the real winners, I wonder if being a sports fan is a healthier escape for those whose marriages have fallen apart and no longer magical, then the outlet you suggest for the unhappy women. – I’m looking forward to a response, but how about sharing your name to make the exchange more meaningful?– The Editor)