Political Commentary

Political Commentary, etc. by Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Max Riekse, United State Army – 32 years; and Vietnam War & Iraq War Veteran

• Max’s book of the ‘day’ recommendation: “The War Against Putin – What the Government-Media Complex Isn’t Telling You About Russia” by Marcus S. King. King is a private investigative journalist and researcher and Rutgers University graduate.

• “Nowhere is mass mind control more evident than in the West’s dishonest effort to vilify Russia and its dynamic leader, Vladimir Putin.” Chapters include: “The Rape of Russia”; NATO’s Encirclement of Russia”; “Obama’s Dirty War Against Russia and the World”; “The Anti-Putin Propaganda Blitz”; “A Violent Coup in Ukraine”; and “The Russian ‘Invasion’ of Crimea”. Order the book from the American Free Press online.

• ‘U.S. television news shows and newspapers continue to lie to Americans about ‘Putin’s invasion’ of Crimea. The fact is, Russia has owned Crimea for centuries. Check the date of the Crimean War (1853-56) when Britain and France sent armies to invade Crimea. Less than a century ago, all American high school students had to memorize the “Charge of the Light Brigade,” which took place during the Crimean War. Our press keeps lying to us about Crimea and it’s quite obvious that they just hate Russia. That, with Common Core, and dummying down of Americans, is what the neo-cons are using to drive us into another Cold War; a neo-con war for the wealthy, military, industrial and intelligence complex. And part of ‘their’ plan is for us to have war with Iran. And remember, the neo-cons have their base as Russian Trotskyite Communists who were directly responsible in the blood thirsty death of over 65 million Russians, mostly Christians – whom all good communists hate and want to see dead. Vietnam Veterans have a word for the national network news CBS – Communist Broadcasting System; and remember, the lying news media cannot be trusted; Fox News is unfair and unbalanced; and that is why all the news media hate Donald Trump. He is not one of them nor does he dance to their tune. He is his own man; he made his money on his own, and can and does thumb his nose, etc. at the rotten, corrupt, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-Second Amendment, anti-American flag, anti-American and anti-Christian Jesus haters. The same people who facilitate the death of over 65 million Russian Christians want to trash the – our/your constitutional rights and especially the / our Second Amendment and disarm Americans so ‘they’ can eliminate all God-fearing American Christians.

• Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently put out a position paper echoing NRA talking points, and declaring unwavering support for the Second Amendment. This is a position shift for ‘the Donald’ who during his 2000 foray into presidential politics, declared support for a ban on so-called assault weapons and called for a three-day waiting period for firearms purchases. Trump has expressed strong support for Second Amendment rights in 2015; while United States Senator Rand Paul, another Republican presidential candidate, has been a solid Second Amendment supporter for many years. I like Trump!

A new poll conducted by Gallup has found that almost half of Americans, or 49%, believe the Federal government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” (American Free Press; Sep – Oct 2015 – Vol. 39 & 40). Enough said!