Grand Valley State University Graduate List

Grand Valley State University announces the names of students who were graduated at the conclusion of the Winter 2016 semester in April. Thank you for helping us recognize the achievements of our talented students. It means a great deal to both our students and their families.

More than 3,300 Grand Valley State University students participated in commencement ceremonies on April 30 at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. A list of the names of Grand Valley’s most recent graduates follows.

Grand Valley is dedicated to providing a rich learning environment for students, offering a wide range of majors and hands-on research opportunities. Highly credentialed and responsive faculty and individual advisors and mentors promote a liberal arts emphasis that teaches students critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Students who graduated at the conclusion of the Winter 2016 semester in April include:

Fruitport: Cameron A. Costa, BS; Kelly L. Ferrier, MED; Jordan L. Sayles, BBA; Jessica R. Shelton, BS

Muskegon (49444): Caitlin M. Alviar, BSW; Samantha L. Crowell, BS; Brooke E. Engle, BS; Christopher L. Grover, BBA; Tracey C. Howell, BFA; Kailee M. Jackomino, BS; Lamontae L. Jackson, BS; Heather S. MacDonald, MED; Kaylee M. McWilliams, BS; Alexis J. Ogborn, BS; Mary J. Robinson, BS; Justine M. Turner, MSW

Nunica: Hope E. Brouwer, BSN; Erik J. Erhorn, BS; Jeremy P. Smant, BBA

Ravenna: Kyle J. Mathieu, BS; Kyle S. VanderWoude, BS

Spring Lake: Krystal R. Bronnekant, BSN; Amy L. Buxton, BSW; Samantha M. Chittenden, MSW; Lucas J. Crandle, BS; Emily A. Dalman, BSW; Benjamin Esh-Nauta, MSW; Emily J. Gardner, BA; Ashley C. Harvey, BS; Evan T. Heath, BA; Molly C. Labeff, BA; Audra A. Lucas, BS; Andrew R. McDonough, BA; Christian R. Mohrhardt, BS; Kayleigh A. Randall, BS; Victoria L. Royce, BS; Margaret L. Smith, BA; Sarah E. Tibbe, BA; Alexander J. Ward, BS; Tyler J. Weavers, BBA; Hanna M. Windberg, BBA