Don’t Just Watch Us Go…

Business is on the rise and you can help!

Research shows that beautification of a property or business not only improves your image to attract and retain customers, it can lower neighborhood crime by as much as 35%!

Watch Muskegon Clean

Here is a check list to help you and your staff maintain an attractive business!
First, provide your staff with the following tools.  Plastic gloves, garbage bags or paper recycling bags, broom, dust pan, window cleaner, cleaning rags, paper towel, power washer if possible.

• Wearing Plastic gloves, have at least two individuals circle your property to pick up garbage or items that should  be thrown away or recycled
• Sweep up small items like cigarette butts
• Power wash sidewalks if possible or use broom brush and soapy water at entryways
• Wash outside windows
• Freshen up flower pots and ground cover
• Check signage and banners to make sure they are in good condition
• Wearing work gloves, pull out weeds
• Have grass mowed routinely
• Review paint condition. Plan to repaint as needed
• Reward the employees who help you with these important responsibilities.

If you have other creative ideas about how to maintain an attractive business, please send them our way.

If you need professional services in this area, please review the chamber directory and always buy local whenever possible.

CLICK HERE for more information about the beautification pillar of this Watch Muskegon campaign

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