Candidate Bio: Erwin Haas

Libertarian Party candidate for Michigan’s second congressional district.

Commissioner, Kentwood’s Second Ward-No new taxes or debts on my watch
commissionerhaascloseup_sm-Flight surgeon in Vietnam, highest rank, major
-Worked last 5 years at Fort Bliss Army Hospital
-Infectious Diseases physician
-Board member of the Grand Valley Coop Credit Union for 8 years
-Medical advisory board, Hospice
-MBA GVSU; taught marketing
-Licenses to sell real estate and stocks
-Writer, published in Liberty Magazine,, Medical Economics, Michigan Medicine; also a dozen scientific articles on medicine
-Economist/blogs commentator
-Author of 3 books; all unsuccessful
-Produced, edited and directed THE OPEN MIKE program on Channel 24 in Grand Rapids.
Canisius College, BA University of Buffalo, MD Grand Valley State University, MBA
-Married for 41 years to Kris Kitzsteiner MD, 3 successful kids

Campaign Website

1) Right-size our military commitments and costs. Our Army has lost almost every one of its wars (including my war) during the last 70 years and didn’t stop terrorist attacks in the USA.
2) Replace the corrupt and inefficient IRS with the fair tax-basically a national sales tax. This plan has a “prebate” that pays the tax for the poor.
3) Balance the budget and pay down the national debt by eliminating 4 departments of government; energy, commerce, education and HUD. These add plenty of harmful regulations, none of which have economic benefit.
4) My parents were legal immigrants, became citizens, and contributed mightily to our country. That goal needs to be retained. Folks coming here should be enthusiastic, ambitious, working toward citizenship and assimilation.