The Spoonville Trail – Phase I Complete

Ottawa County Announces the Completion of Phase I of the Spoonville Trail

Ottawa County is excited to announce the completion of Phase I of the Spoonville Trail.  To celebrate the completion of this non-motorized pathway, a Ribbon-Cutting and Donor Recognition Ceremony was held on Friday, September 16th at 4:00 p.m.  The Ceremony featured guest speaker, State Representative Amanda Price.  The event was at the Spoonville Trail located at 12300 North Cedar Drive, Grand Haven, MI 49417.  

Phase I of the Spoonville Trail stretches 1.8 miles from North Cedar Drive to Leonard Road, incorporating the Sgt. Henry E. Plant Pathway located on M-231 over the Grand River.  Watch a virtual tour of the Spoonville Trail.

“The Spoonville Trail is a valued addition to Ottawa County’s non-motorized trail system,” said Ottawa County Administrator Al Vanderberg.  “The Spoonville Trail will provide Ottawa County residents and visitors with the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the Grand River, access numerous State and local parks and recreational areas along the Grand River, experience safe non-motorized transportation, and visit local land marks in Nunica.” 

The Trail will also offer historical and cultural education opportunities.  The Sgt. Henry E. Plant Pathway includes a plaque that commemorates Ottawa County’s first Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.  In addition, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will be constructing an educational terrace designed to educate users on local Native American culture and heritage, while displaying images of artifacts found in the area during the construction of the M-231 highway.   

These benefits of Phase I of the Spoonville Trail could not be realized without the funding partners that contributed to the $1 million cost to construct the Trail.  The Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) at MDOT is the largest funding contributor, providing more than $600,000 in federal funds toward pathway construction.  Ottawa County would like to recognize the many funding partners and donors who have made Phase I of the Spoonville Trail possible:  

– MDOT TAP – Scholten-Fant
– Ottawa County – Youth Advisory Council of the GHACF  
– West Michigan Trails and Greenways Coalition  – Quiet Water Society
– Grand Haven Area Community Foundation  – Charter Communications
– Consumers Energy – Rycenga Building Center 
– The Loutit Foundation – Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Johnson
– Shape Corporation – Mr. & Mrs. John H. Nash
– Ottawa County Parks and Recreation – Spoonville Gun Club
– M-231 Run – Ms. Jacqueline Fisher
– DALMAC Foundation  – Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fisher

Phase II of the Spoonville Trail is scheduled to be constructed in the summer of 2017.  This remaining 2 miles of non-motorized pathway will span from Leonard Road and 120th Avenue to Nunica and will include over 1000 feet of pathway crossing the Crockery Creek Natural Area.

The Spoonville Trail is designed to be the key connection between the North Bank Trail (north side of the Grand River) and the Grand River Greenway Trail (south side of the Grand River).  These trails will form a regional loop of non-motorized pathways known as the “Grand Connection” that will span from the shore of Lake Michigan to Grand Rapids.

Anyone who would like more information about making a tax deductible contribution to Phase II of the Spoonville Trail is encouraged to contact the Planning and Performance Improvement Department.