Candidate Bio: Max Riekse

Candidate for State Rep 91st District

max-riekse> Lt. Colonel Max Riekse; U.S. Army Retired; 32 years; Vietnam War and Iraq War Veteran; Michigan K-12 Public Schools Retiree; 23 years.
> Fruitport Public Schools K-12; graduated 1965
> Rated (A) twice by the NRA – National Rifle Association – for his strong support of our Second Amendment Individual Rights. Max is a Life Member of the NRA & has been a member since 1964
> Endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan – PAC – June 2014
> Past Commander of Fruitport VFW Post for many years
> Former Board Member of Fruitport Township Parks Commission; elected to 2 terms.

Max has one son who attends Fruitport Public Schools; both are involved in Fruitport Boy Scouts.
• Max does not support Common Core;
• End the legislative war against Public Schools; public school Teachers; and Retirees. Max has absolutely no use for the liberal MEA
• Max will work to eliminate property taxes on homes of seniors 70 & over.
• Eliminate the tax on senior pensions that Holly Hughes voted for
• Marriage is between a man & woman; that is Biblical going back thousands of years
• Revoke all unconstitutional Michigan asset forfeiture laws which go against 4th Amendment due process
• No more tax dollars to Detroit; after years of bad government, Detroit needs to get its act together without our money
• Max strongly supports Donald Trump because he will end unfair trade deals like NAFTA which has cost hard working Americans millions of dollars