Right to Life of Michigan Addresses Rape and Abortion with “Life Uninvited”

Right to Life of Michigan’s 30-minute television documentary, Life Uninvited, will be airing on January 9. The film presents four women telling their own stories of how they have been personally impacted by the issue of rape and abortion.

Life Uninvited will be airing in every major media market throughout Michigan. Replays will be during the weekend of January 15-16, and again on January 22.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Far too many shy away from the controversy of rape and abortion without ever really learning about the issue. This memorable film invites people to hear the stories of women who have experienced the issue first-hand instead of a heated political controversy.”

Each of the four women shares a different personal experience. The stories include being conceived in rape, rape and incest survivors, abortion, and parenting a child conceived in rape.

Listing said, “These remarkable women provide perspectives that have been missing in the public square. The debate over rape and abortion is not an academic one, but one that involves real people with real lives at stake.”

The film was produced by Minus Red and lead filmmaker Jim Hanon. Hanon is the creative mind behind many Right to Life of Michigan advertisements. In the past, Jim Hanon has served as a vice president at a worldwide advertising agency and was the director of the 2005 movie End of the Spear.

The television schedule and channel listings for Life Uninvited can be found at the Right to Life of Michigan website at www.RTL.org/lifeuninvited.