Ottawa County Honors Employees for Customer Service

On Monday the office is cold. Call maintenance. On Tuesday the office is hot. Call maintenance. On Wednesday, John says the office is hot and Jane says the office is cold. Call maintenance. Surely it takes a special personality to successfully carry out the role of Maintenance Technician at West Olive’s Fillmore Complex, serving hundreds of demanding customers. Meet Tom Camburn.

Similarly, a unique demeanor is required to fill the role of Environmental Health Food Service Specialist. Inspections are required to ensure that food service establishments are adhering to safety standards designed to protect public health. As you can imagine, not every food service employee is delighted to see an inspector walk through the front door. Some inspectors, however, have just the finesse it takes to balance educating and inspecting. Those who have this skill put their customers running busy, past paced kitchens at ease. Meet Jessica Voglewede.

Voglewede and Camburn, along with other Ottawa County employees are trained to present a friendly, professional demeanor treating customers with integrity and respect. This behavior is what earned both Camburn and Vogelwede each Outstanding Customer Service Awards from leaders in Ottawa County.

You can read the nominations which earned each recipient an award plus learn more about them at

“Tom daily demonstrates the power of a cheerful smile, a positive outlook, dedication to his craft and a sincere joy of working with the many customers he serves. Tom Camburn truly exemplifies the Ottawa County Way,” said John Borgerding, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor.

“Jessica always maintains a patient and empathetic attitude and a high level of professionalism. Jessica has been nominated approximately 20 times for this award which further demonstrates how outstanding her customer service is,” said Spencer Ballard, Environmental Health Team Supervisor.

Implemented in 2012, the Customer Service initiative is one of the County’s Four C’s, along with Communication, Cultural Intelligence and Creativity. Customers can nominate an Ottawa County employee for an Outstanding Customer Service award at

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Tom Camburn Jessica Voglewede