Marty Keller Joins the NVBDC Advisory Board


DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2017 — Keith King, President of the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Marty Keller to the NVBDC Advisory Board.

Mr. Keller brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization, having held a number of positions working on behalf of disabled Veterans and the small business community.

“Marty is the type of leader we need to help the NVBDC grow nationally. With his knowledge and expertise of the issues faced by our Veteran Businesses he will be able to help us deliver the message of why our SD/VOBs must become certified” said Mr. King.

Mr. Keller served as Deputy Executive Director of the Disabled Veterans Business Alliance (DVBA) from July, 2014, through November, 2016. The DVBA’s mission is to support disabled veteran entrepreneurs through training, networking, and connecting to public and private programs to encourage business contracting with disabled veteran business enterprises (DVBEs).

In his leadership capacity, Mr. Keller directed many of the Alliance’s initiatives, including the Pass the Torch program which helps younger Veterans buy the businesses of older Veterans.

“I have always had a special respect for the sacrifices our Veterans have made in the service of this great country,” Keller said. “And I very much look forward to supporting the NVBDC in its outstanding work on behalf of our service men and women. It’s an honor to be able to continue my work in this regard.”

Mr. Keller previously served as Director of the Office of Small Business Advocate for the State of California to which he had been appointed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in May, 2007, and reappointed by Governor Jerry Brown in January, 2011.

Prior to this post, Mr. Keller served as Executive Director of the California Automotive Business Coalition, and in a number of other executive positions that supported the small business community. He has won numerous well-deserved awards for his dedication and vision.

“We have worked with Marty over the past couple of years and we have seen his dedication to our Veterans first hand, we are very pleased that he is bringing that dedication to the NVBDC” said King.

The NVBDC is the only Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans, for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses ensuring that valid documentation exists of Veteran ownership and control.