SOS Johnson Promotes Telephone Tip Line for Reporting Fraud

To assist Michigan consumers with reporting potential fraud, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced today that a telephone Tip Line is now available for use by anyone who witnesses or experiences potential fraud involving Michigan Department of State programs or documents.

The Tip Line allows callers to report suspicious or suspected fraudulent activity. Anyone with knowledge of fraud is encouraged to call 1-844-372-8356 to report suspected violations. The number is toll-free.

“Fraud is a growing threat in our state and nation that costs consumers many billions of dollars every year,” Secretary Johnson said. “If you are aware of scams or illegal activities related to Michigan vehicles, identification, documents, elections or any area this department oversees, please contact our toll-free Tip Line with as many details as you can provide. Our investigators will work with law enforcement agencies to catch lawbreakers that hurt all of us.”

Anyone can also send an email to to communicate with the Secretary of State’s Office of Investigative Services. OIS is the primary investigative authority within the Department of State and is charged with overseeing investigations involving the department’s program areas.

Johnson created OIS as part of her focus on strengthening her office’s consumer protection efforts. The office primarily investigates and inspects automotive-related businesses and consumer complaints against them.

Information about Secretary of State office hours, locations and services can be found at