GVSU Winter Graduate List

More than 3,000 Grand Valley State University students participated in commencement ceremonies on April 28 and April 29 at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. A list of the names of Grand Valley’s most recent graduates follows. Below the names is a key to their degree abbreviations. Students who graduated at the conclusion of the Winter 2017 semester in April include:

Fruitport: Cynthia M. Carmean, BS; Zachary A. Fortenbacher, BBA; Sierra J. Hanchera, BS; Aron Rottier, BS; Blair D. Thompson, BS; Addison E. Walstra, BS

Muskegon (49444): Juliana Alvarado, BS; Rebekah E. Anderson, BS; Hailey K. Buchner, MS; Sarah J. Harken, BBA; Jade A. Holman, BBA; Janelle B. Humphreys, BA; Nicole L. Kosturik, MED; Alexis M. Porter, BS; Nicole K. Prinz, BS; Colin J. Sullivan, BS; Carly R. Wiersma, BS; Kaylee J. Wolff, MED

Nunica: Justin T. Bruno, BS; Carley R. Jawor, BBA; Meagan E. Kriger, BA; Kevin D. Rollenhagen, BS; Racheal A. Shavalier, MSW; Joshua A. Whitmore, BBA

Ravenna: Zachary T. Gill, BS; Lindsey N. Griffith, BBA; Bethany A. Houghton, BFA; Colton R. Kantola, BBA; Jacob B. Kantola, BBA

Spring Lake: Michael K. Bernard, BA; Samuel D. Dykstra, BS; Gabrielle K. Egedy, BS; Connor P. Galligan, BS; Ryan M. Galligan, BS; Betsi L. Ingersoll, BS; Dale M. Jackson, BA; Janee L. Jazdzyk, BS; Leslie M. Jurecko, MBA; Rylie L. Leete, BA; Dawn M. MacKay, MSW; Racheal A. Rickabaugh, MED; Paige D. Vander Jagt, BSW; Gert S. Wallis, MPH; Erika L. Welch, BS; Sarah H. Westhoff, BA

BA: Bachelor of Arts
BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration
BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts
BM: Bachelor of Music
BME: Bachelor of Music Education
BS: Bachelor of Science
BSE: Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSW: Bachelor of Social Work
DNP: Doctor of Nursing Practice
DPT: Doctorate in Physical Therapy
EDS: Educational Specialist Leadership
MA: Master of Arts
MBA: Master of Business Administration
MED: Master of Education
MHA: Master of Health Administration
MHS: Master of Health Sciences
MPAS: Master of Physician Assistant Studies
MPA: Master of Public Administration
MPH: Master of Public Health
MPNL: Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership MS: Master of Science
MSA: Master of Science in Accounting
MSE: Master of Science in Engineering
MSN: Master of Science in Nursing
MST: Master of Science in Taxation
MSW: Master of Social Work
PRCER: Professional Certificate
PSM: Professional Science Masters
PSYS: Psychological Specialist