Ottawa County Clerk/Register Appointed to State Commission


Justin F. Roebuck, County Clerk/ Register of Deeds

Governor Rick Snyder this month appointed Ottawa County Clerk/Register Justin Roebuck to the state’s Electronic Recording Commission.

The Commission, formed in 2011 within the Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget, is tasked with enforcing standards for the electronic recording of documents by county registers of deeds.

Michigan law requires that public records are kept of all property sales and transfers so that there is a clear chain of title. Documents recorded must be original and signed in order to verify their legitimacy.

State legislation in 2010 allowed for electronic documents and electronic signatures to be considered the same as the originals for recording purposes. The Electronic Recording Commission developed standards as the use of such documents expanded and continues to oversee those standards today. Members serve two-year terms.

“I am honored to receive Governor Snyder’s appointment to this commission and look forward to serving with my fellow members,” Roebuck said. “As the electronic recording of documents becomes a more nationally accepted practice, we must ensure that Michigan remains at the forefront by maintaining standards across each county that ensure our public documents are accurate, properly preserved and secure from potential alteration or tampering. By accomplishing these tasks we not only ensure further convenience for our residents but contribute to a healthier Michigan economy.”