2017 Ramp Build

by Heidi Tice, Fruitport Leo liaison

Fruitport Leo Club and members of the Fruitport Congregational UCC, joined together to build a ramp for a Fruitport Village resident October 7, 2017.

Iva Snow, an elderly member of Fruitport Congregational church was in need of a way to get in and out of her home without stairs impeding her. Her daughter Cheryl Snow put in a “Handy Andy” request at their church and the project jumped into action.

buildingSteve Wilson, retired football coach for Fruitport High School, was approached by Trustee member Ron Stroup. Steve helped build ramps with the Fruitport football team while he coached. Since his retirement he has helped the Fruitport Leo Club launch a ramp project for community service. Steve enjoys working with kids and the Leos enjoy the knowledge and respect Coach Wilson displays towards them throughout the build.

With old backs and young backs lined up, the team of 8 adults and 6 kids measured, cut, dug, screwed down decking and built a beautiful ramp for Iva. The church group, the day before the ramp build, removed a window and put in a new back door so Iva’s exit from her home could happen without the use of any stairs.

This is the second ramp project the Fruitport Leos have done with Coach Wilson and his son-in-law Bruce Gaultney Jr., and they were just as excited on this build as they were on their first.

happy ladyThank you to all those that worked on the ramp: Ron Stroup, Steve Wilson, Gil Hegedus, Bruce Gaultney Jr., Ron Donahue, Rick Tice, Cheryls son Jason, brother-in-law, and Fruitport Leos; Rachel Weiland, Amber Split, Audrey Split, Ellie Herrick, Mackenzie Wahr, Becca Hunt. A special thank you to Seth Middlecamp with Sethco Lumber who gives a discount of supplies for the ramp build projects, after all it takes a village.