Letter to the Editor: Communism in America

Remember these three things: Hitler took over Germany by [1] controlling the police [Gestopo] and [2] appointing high-ranking military officers to the [SS] controlling secret service and FBI. and [3] brainwashing children [Hitler youth groups] now our schools!

The so-called Socialist hide under the guise communist party. Here is where it gets interesting, notice that word socialist is cleverly hidden in the phrase Russians like to use, “United Soviet Socialist Republic” we are soon to be United Socialist States of America!

It’s not important to me what your political preference is but unless I’m mistaken this nation was founded fighting against tyranny and oppression?

I’m not wrong about this, that the DNC is openly practicing tyranny, stacking the deck with only Democrats in public office on the DNC payroll.

Is there no way to fight back using the media? Geo. Soros has openly declared war against FOX News and vowed to close it down! It’s working.

Who is going to run for the next president in 2020 on the democratic ticket Joseph Stalin? Carl Marx? Chavez?

What does not seem to bother Americans is the fact that the Communist party has had an election seat on the presidential ballot since 1919.

Ninety percent of all immigrants coming to America in the last 20 years have known only communism their whole life! Who do you think they will vote for?

Are we three years away from the most violent, bloody, civil war in world history? And no chance to fight back? Divide and conquer is alive and well.

Mike Simcik