Abortion Pill Reversal Comes to Michigan

In October we learned of an amazing story in Lowell, a small town outside of Grand Rapids. The small pregnancy center there, Alpha Family Center, successfully saved a life by reversing an RU-486 medical abortion.

It’s the first time we are aware of this relatively new procedure being used in Michigan. Abortion pill reversal is being pioneered by two doctors, Dr. George Delgado of California, and Dr. Matthew Harrison of North Carolina.

Both doctors independently had the same idea. RU-486 abortions work by starving a pregnant woman of progesterone. Natural progesterone is commonly used as a treatment for high-risk pregnancies. Both doctors theorized that they could offset the progesterone loss with a common treatment used for other pregnancies, thus saving the life of the child.

The doctors formed an organization called Abortion Pill Reversal, and together have been studying this off-label use of an FDA-approved treatment. So far they claim to have a success rate of more than 50 percent in saving the child’s life, as long the woman hasn’t taken the second pill of the two-pill medical abortion regimen. They are currently conducting a formal study, and hope to report a success rate between 60 and 70 percent.

Abortion supporters are intensely dismissive of research into abortion pill reversal; its existence threatens their narratives about the nature of abortion. Those who claim the mantle of choice and women’s autonomy should not try to deny women information about this new procedure. Many women find themselves in situations where they instantly regret taking the abortion pill.

The young mother in this story is a perfect example. She said when she expressed reservations about the abortion to the abortion clinic staff, they told her there were no refunds for her appointment, and instead of giving her counseling quickly ushered her into the exam room.

The abortion clinic used the appointment fee as a tool to pressure this woman, and rushed in order to shut down her thought process. Prolife groups have heard many stories from women who were cajoled into taking the abortion pill despite reservations. For abortion clinics, women who leave represent lost revenue.

Today this mother’s child is still in the womb, alive and kicking. Mom and the staff at Alpha Family Center that sprang into action are eagerly waiting to meet the child face to face.

For more information about abortion pill reversals, visit the website www.abortionpillreversal.com.