Death to the Culture of Death

Gun laws could obviously be fine tuned following Cruz’ gruesome shooting spree but a greater task awaits our nations remedial efforts. Stricter gun laws would not change  America’s willingness to cheer for gladiators if they could take center stage today. America is dripping in blood with it’s unquenchable thirst for violence. Hollywood knows where the money is so it pours out the violence. Movies such as Hunger Games, had no respect for nor value to human life. Teens watch videos that make death laughable. Many of our school massacres were committed by teens immersed in the culture of death. Until American begins to see that mankind is made in the image of God and has a sacred value our communities and our schools will be riddled with violence of some sort. America needs a cultural change. Teens nation-wide are being asked to demonstrate against guns, hopefully they will protest  against violence and turn from their own lust for violence via entertainment. There is a choice between life and death. It might help if the Ten Commandments were posted in public places. The Moral Laws of God would be a good foundation to build upon. The Commandments can be summed up as love for God and for one’s neighbor.

William Randall, Chaplain, Muskegon Rescue Mission
Chairman, Muskegon County National Day of Prayer