Guns Are Not The Problem

by Mike Simcik

I agree with John Rosemond in his January 31 st. Tribune article; No, guns are not the problem.

It would be difficult at best to describe my life wrapped around a gun but I will try nonetheless.
At the very early age of eight, I was enthralled with hitting a tin can on a fence post with a slingshot, or a Daisy Red Rider BB gun. My father would have never consented to me owning or shooting a firearm without some type of formal instructions. So he enrolled me in a school at the age of twelve run by the Sheriff’s department and state troopers of northern Illinois. An almost unheard of thing in 1956. After I passed the course Dad bought a 16 gauge bolt action shotgun for me to hunt with. And I did, not only with my uncles from Chicago but down the old railroad tracks three blocks from my house.

To be trusted by my parents on my own, with a gun, was a privilege worn like a badge of honor.
Two years later I took up trap shooting, thanks to Dad, at the Winchester Range just over the border in Wisconsin. Even later I tried out for the rifle and pistol shooting team in the US Navy. Yes, I was hooked on hunting and clay target shooting of all types and I still do it in my middle seventies. The friends, memories and comradely at the many gun clubs I’ve been a member of is priceless.

One can not explain in ordinary words the joy and heightened emotions of hunting with a friend.
To wander through a pristine forest or field in Autumn with a fine shotgun cradled in hopes a game bird will rise could be compared to a quiet walk with God.

What I see today are generations of useless curds with their thumbs on a joystick and finger on a trigger. Youth having brains no more valuable than the video games they play and the garbage movies they watch put out by Hollywood Hippocrates who seem to be appalled by the violence.

Talk about “Zombie Apocalypse”, they live and walk among us. So who is the blame for this domestic terrorism? The parents of course! What has me stymied is why they had children in the first place. Those kids just cramped mom and dads lifestyle and became a nuisance during the divorce. But the law says mom or pop must raise the kids or go to jail, wow, what a concept that is. So the law offers a choice, either put the parents in jail now for neglect or put the kids in jail for murder later! Naturally, the parents are the first ones to cry help us, we need more gun control! And so it goes.

The best form of gun control that worked for me is focusing on the target with a firm, steady hand. Ironically, this is the same successful formula used for disciplining a neglected, problematic child.

In the meantime, the Social-Communist sit back and have a good belly laugh at American parents, Congress, the ACLU and Supreme Court implementing useless laws. Yes, the Commies want nothing better than to completely disarm America and disband the military in order to control the masses.
And the NRA has been working hard trying to tell America where the problem is and who’s the blame for it. Are you even listening? George Washington; Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

The invention of the gun was not expressly for taking of human life, rather, intended to make good people and bad people equals in disputable confrontations. Madness, anger or fear pulls the trigger.

Adolf Hitler quote; In order to conquer a nation, first you must disarm its citizens.
Sam Elliot quote; If you think criminals will obey gun laws, then you are a special kind of stupid!
Mike Simcik; People afraid to own, use, or protect themselves with a gun are already conquered!