Executive Travel – Zika Threat

contributed by Executive Travel (executivetravel.com)

Warning! CDC warns that Zika is still a major health threat to pregnant women

A week ago I had the good fortune of attending and speaking at the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Premium Business Summit in New York City. At that conference, one of the speakers was from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). She spoke forcefully that the Zika virus is still extremely dangerous and that pregnant women should not travel to any of the 100 countries worldwide that are affected by the Zika virus. She also pointed out that Zika can be transmitted sexually and can be transmitted up to 8 months after a partner (male or female) is infected during travel. This is serious stuff folks. The CDC has a great website with a map of all the countries infected with Zika, CLICK HERE to view. They also have a website they call the Yellow Book, CLICK HERE to view. This site provides valuable information about health risks in destination around the world. I recommend you bookmark both sites if you travel internationally.