Executive Travel – Airline Improvements in the Last 10 Years

contributed by Executive Travel (executivetravel.com)

Global entry customs clearance –
International flyers will want to invest $100 to get expedited customs clearance using a Global Entry card. It took me only three minutes to clear customs during my last flight returning to the states, while people without a Global Entry card stood in line for as long as 45 minutes.

TSA Pre-check –
Many airports today offer an express line for security clearance using the TSA Pre-Check system. If you fly more than three times a year the $80 fee for this is worth its weight in gold.

Paperless boarding passes –
I hate paper. Sending a boarding pass to my iPhone to be scanned at the gate is the best thing since apple pie.

Self-service check-in Kiosks –
Do you remember the days you would arrive at the airport and the lines at the airline counters would be a half block long? I love the self-service kiosks. They sure seem to make checking in so much easier.