Fruitport Charter Township Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes of June 11, 2018

A work session of the Fruitport Charter Township Board began at 6:30pm on Monday, June 11, 2018, in the township board room.

Members Present: Heidi Tice, Supervisor; Andrea Anderson, Clerk; Rose Dillon, Treasurer; Trustees Todd Dunham, Jeff Jacobs, Denise Winebarger, and Greg Hulka Members Absent: none

At 7:00pm, Heidi Tice opened the regular meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer.

Also Present: 20- residents; 1- employees; 0- guests; Director of Public Safety, Brian Michelli; Director of Public Utilities Ron Langlois.

The motion by Todd Dunham, supported by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to approve the minutes of May 14, 2018 as presented.

The motion by Rose Dillon, supported by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to approve the agenda as presented with the following change:

Item 8-F: WAS: Reappoint Mike Michelli as Planning Commission Chair
NOW: Reappoint Mike Michelli to Planning Commission

1. Heidi Tice shared information from Cypress Creek renewables, a solar energy company. The Planning Commission is considering creating a zoning ordinance amendment to address solar energy applications.
2. Heidi Tice shared information on lawn care and snow removal opportunities to seniors provided by Muskegon County Senior Millage funding.
3. Heidi Tice shared the Standard Terms of Engagement for Dickenson Wright. There will be no fee increases for this year.
4. Brian Michelli reported that the Police Department is back at full staff; Shawanna Evans was hired to fill the part-time clerical position for the Police Department; New leases are underway for Police Cruisers; The new traffic sign has been put into use and is receiving positive feedback; The second part of the extrication tools for the Fire Department is in and staff will be trained soon; Fire engine 562 will be getting new tires shortly; Old Fashioned Days had no major issues for Police, Fire, or Medical.
5. Ron Langlois reported that the water main break that occurred on Seaway Drive has been replaced- the $65,000 cost will be paid by the West Michigan Regional Water Authority; Phase 1 of a Broadway road project between US31 and Bailey is said to occur from June 18th to October 5th; Effective May 30th the Township gained ownership of the water and sewer infrastructure in the Odeno housing development.
6. Heidi Tice shared a thank you note and photo from Mychal VanAllsburg for allowing the Township to complete his Eagle Scout garden project.

1. Kristi Horan, 5968 Chandonnet, shared concerns regarding plans for rental units in the Chandy Acres extension. Other neighbors were in attendance for the same purpose. Kristi will be contacted when this topic is due to be in front of the Planning Commission.



18-079 Application for Farmland Agreement
Lucille O’Bradovich has submitted an Application for Farmland Agreement (PA116) for property located at 6960 E. Judson Rd. The application has been reviewed by the Muskegon Conservation District and WMSRDC, both of whom found no issues with the application and found the site to be consistent with enrollment standards.

Jeff Jacobs moved, Greg Hulka seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to accept the O’Bradovich application for Farmland Agreement (PA 116), request that the Clerk forward the application to the Farmland and Open Space Program, and request the agreement be for a 10 year term.

Ayes: Dunham, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka
Nays: None

18-080 Resolution to waive penalty for not filing Property Transfer Affidavits
Rose Dillon shared that this is a fee that we have always waived historically, however the proper method to waive the penalty, it must be done by board resolution.

Rose Dillon moved, Greg Hulka seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to adopt the resolution allowing Fruitport Township to waive the penalty for failure of a buyer, grantee, or other transferee to file a Property Transfer Affidavit.

Ayes: Dunham, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka
Nays: None

18-081 Approval of hydrant post painting
Scout Gerald Race would like to paint hydrant posts as a project towards earning his Eagle Scout rank. It would be one or two days in July or August.

Denise Winebarger moved, Rose Dillon seconded, motion was carried unanimously, to allow Eagle Scout Gerald Race, and his team, to paint hydrant posts within the Township.

18-082 Approval of Town Hall landscape project
Bruce DeVries has expressed interest in improving the landscaping around the front sign at Town Hall. He would donate his time, but would like reimbursement for supplies, not to exceed $350.00.

Rose Dillon moved, Jeff Jacobs seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve the landscape project around the electronic sign, cost not to exceed $350.00.

Ayes: Dunham, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka
Nays: None

18-083 Discussion of Refuse Ordinance
The Zoning Department has requested that a change be considered for the Refuse Ordinance regarding the clean-up of blight.

The Board agreed to request that the Planning Commission evaluate the ordinance and determine if change is necessary.

18-084 Reappoint Mike Michelli to Planning Commission
Heidi Tice moved, Jeff Jacobs seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to reappoint Mike Michelli to Planning Commission, term ending January 2021.

Ayes: Dunham, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Winebarger, Hulka
Nays: None

18-085 Payment of bills
Todd Dunham moved, Rose Dillon seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve bills as presented for payment in the following amounts: General Fund $42,811.82; Public Safety $82,253.66; Water $170,085.82; Sewer $33,672.78; T&A $14,218.00
Totaling: $343,042.08

Ayes: Hulka, Winebarger, Dillon, Tice, Anderson, Jacobs, Dunham
Nays: none

1. Community Day is happening at Town Hall on Friday, June 15, 2018. Free fun and food for anyone in the community.
2. Heidi Tice shared that Dave Markgraf has resigned as the Alternate on the Board of Review. The Township is accepting letters of interest to fill the seat.
3. Denise Winebarger shared an article regarding road funding.
4. Fruitport’s dirt roads will be brined this week.
5. There will be a Fruitport District Library millage proposal on the August ballot.

1. Tammy Barnhard, 3561 Kersting, has requested that the Township file a lawsuit against the Muskegon County Drain Commissioner, claiming that the Kuis Drain district was expanded illegally. She requested the support of the Board.

2. Ron Cooper commented that the drains may not be in as rough of shape if herbicides were used regularly.

The motion by Jeff Jacobs, supported by Todd Dunham was carried unanimously, to adjourn the meeting at 8:21pm.