Letter to the Editor – Fruitport District Library Millage

Dear Fruitport residents,
My name is Darlene Field and have been living in this area since 1968.
We have always had a library • Sort of the heart of the Village. It’s where things happen!
Recently the community decided to be an independent library.
So therefore we as a community need to step up and fund our library – Books – programs, etc!
So at the present time we have a millage of .75 to fund our library. At the end of the year this millage goes away.
Therefore a millage is on the Nov. 6 ballot asking for .75 to fund the library. This is not new. The wording that’s “official” sounds like it’s an addition. It is not! It will be exactly the same.
So please vote on Nov. 6 – for our library!

Darlene Field