Village of Fruitport Regular Council Meeting Minutes – 01/21/19

January 21, 2019

1. Call to Order
President Roger Vanderstelt called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

2. Pledge

3. Prayer

4. Roll call
Present: Roger Vanderstelt, Donna Pope, Amy Haack, Jay Bolt, Jeff Guiles, Carl Rothenberger and Bill Overkamp who arrived at 7:04pm
Also present: Dave Bossenbroek, Village attorney, Jeremy Statler DPW Supervisor and Heidi Tice, Fruitport Charter Township Supervisor

5. Approval of previous meeting minutes from December 17, 2018
Motion made by Amy to approve the minutes from the December 17th meeting, supported by Donna. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

6. Approve the agenda for the January 21st Council meeting
Motion made by Amy to approve the January 21st agenda, supported by Jeff. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

7. Public Comment

8. Correspondence (Ann)

9. Oath of Office
Bill Overkamp took the oath of office for his newly elected term.

10. Reports from Officers (Each Council Member)
Donna advised the library is doing well.
Jeff questioned snow plowing on Saturday. Roger advised it was done later in the day.
Amy had nothing to report.
Jay advised the next Planning Commission meeting Friday January 25th at noon. This will be the first meeting for Jon Sigman since being appointed in December. The Planning Commission has received a site review request for 300 N. Third Avenue. This request will be on the agenda for Friday’s meeting. Other agenda items include year end reporting and a schedule of fees. They are in the final stages of reviewing the Land Use Ordinances. He anticipates a Public Hearing to take place in the next couple of months regarding the recommended updates to the Land Use Ordinances. The Zoning Map will also be updated. Jay advised there is a free Planning Commission training session on February 7 at 6pm at the Filmore Complex in Holland.
Carl advised that the Personnel Committee met last week on Thursday and will have another meeting this Thursday. Carl explained an issue with a DPW worker and made a recommendation to the council. Carl made a motion for the council to accept this recommendation, supported by Donna.
Roll call AYES: Pope, Haack, Rothenberger, Overkamp, Bolt, Guiles and Vanderstelt.
Bill had nothing to report.
Roger reported that a land division was approved for 169 W Park. Roger also advised that we need a new member for the ZBA Committee and 2 new members for the Planning Commission (1 from the Village and 1 from the Township). Please have any interested parties send their resume to the Village office.
Roger stated that we need to schedule a budget meeting. It was determined that the meeting will be on February 4th at 6pm.

11. 2020 3rd Avenue Project
Jeremy reviewed 3 items with the council Third Avenue Original Scope and Possible Additional Federal Funding Option, Third Avenue Proposed Road Breakdowns and Third Avenue Proposed Sewer Breakdowns. A discussion took place about money available from the Highway Infrastructure Program. Information was submitted on behalf of the Village to obtain this grant. It is approximately $190,000. It may be granted to one municipality or spread out among several of them. No determination has been made at this point.

Our attorney Dave Bossenbroek explained how a Special Assessment District (SAD) is established. A petition would need to be circulated by one of the parties that are part of the proposed SAD. A minimum of 51% would need to be in favor of establishing the SAD.

Amy discussed with the council that we were researching sewer because of the possible major road reconstruction of 3rd Avenue. A grant for $375,000 was applied for and the Village didn’t receive it. We currently have $200,000 in a federal grant, $157,000 pending federal grant and Village funds of $100,000 to cover the cost of a resurfaced road.

Multiple options were discussed, and Jay made a motion to vote on each of the 3 options, supported by Jeff. Jay then rescinded his motion. Roger made a motion to accept option B for further research and analysis, supported by Jay.
Roll call AYES: Pope, Haack, Overkamp, Bolt, Guiles and Vanderstelt.
Absent: Rothenberger who left at 7:55pm.

A discussion took place about the need to get additional public input. That meeting will take place on February 11th at 7pm. The Clerk will send out letters to the parties involved inviting them to the upcoming meeting.

12. Kayak Launch
Roger explained the engineering layout provide by Prein & Newhoff. The Engineering firm will apply for a grant on behalf of the Village for the project. It was determined to discuss the Kayak Launch at the upcoming budget meeting.

13. Recreational Marijuana
Our attorney discussed a proposed ordinance to prohibit determining the regulations. We can opt back in later. Roger made a motion to adopt the Prohibition of Marijuana Establishments ordinance, supported by Donna. Amy asked that we review it again after the State has created their regulations.
Roll call AYES: Pope, Haack, Overkamp, Bolt, Guiles and Vanderstelt

14. Public Comments
Don Haack,6771 S. Bridge Street, commented on recreational marijuana and that the people have voted on allowing it and doesn’t understand why the Village would want to prohibit marijuana establishments.

15. Warrants
Donna made a motion to accept the warrants, supported by Jeff.
Roll call AYES: Pope, Haack, Overkamp, Bolt, Guiles and Vanderstelt.

16. Adjourn
Motion made by Donna to adjourn the meeting at 8:32pm, supported by Bill. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ann LaCroix