Free Walking Program in Ottawa and Allegan Counties

topbannerParks & Public Health team up to offer Step it Up! Walking Program free in Ottawa & Allegan counties

Step it Up! is free, 8-week program is designed by Ottawa County Parks & the Department of Public Health to help participants get active and visit new parks. All levels of fitness welcome!

Participants will be able to track their steps and activity online, as well as monitor their progress throughout the challenge. Each week, participants who track their activity are eligible for incentive prizes.

walkingtrailIn order to help participants stay active throughout the program there are weekly guided walks, with varying pace groups, offered for free in both Ottawa and Allegan County Parks. New this year: group walks in Ottawa County will also include a short, body weight strength training program prior to the walk with the help of Cari Draft from EcoTrek Fitness, the Tri-Cities Family YMCA, and Jessie Riley from the Four Pointes Center for Successful Aging.kayaks

To encourage participants to discover new recreational activities, the program offers opportunities to try kayaking, biking, orienteering, disc golf, and a thru-hike. These activities and necessary equipment are free-of-charge to registered participants who are recording their activity.bottombanner