Secretary Benson Releases Report on Observations, Recommendations from Tour of 131 Branch Offices

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson today released a report on her observations and recommendations upon completing a tour of all 131 secretary of state branch offices in Michigan.

At a news conference at Cadillac Place in Detroit, Benson spoke about visiting all branch offices in Michigan’s 83 counties and talking with customers and employees about how to improve service and shorten wait times for Michigan residents.

“Every Michigan resident deserves efficient access to state services,” Benson said. “We are ready and determined to rebuild a system of delivering services that is modern and effective. Michigan’s hard-working residents and our employees deserve no less.”

Benson’s recommendations fall under these headings:
• Upgrade online services and communications.
• Provide targeted support to the highest volume customers.
• Revamp self-service kiosks to ensure reliable service.
• Review internal policies and pursue legislative reforms.
• Create a culture of support for staff.
• Improve the physical environment of offices.
• Expand features that work and restructure those that don’t.
• Look for opportunities to continuously streamline operations.
• Encourage customer and employee feedback.