New Library Basement Floor Installation

kidsplaceMarjorie Stonecypher’s boyfriend Chris and son Nick began the project a while ago and were asked to discontinue installation until we determined where the water puddles were coming from.


Library basement floor work in progress

We have not had any puddles, even with all the rain so they began work on the project again. Marjorie has begun painting the walls and as you can see the floor is installed. Chris and Nick agreed to install the tiling in the kitchen also as we had plenty of tiling left over.

We are looking for a nice refrigerator to go where the filing cabinets are in the kitchen. Just in case one of our summer programs gets rained on, we can at least bring it to the basement now.

Am so thankful for Chris, Nick and Marjorie who are donating their time, tools and expertise. Thank you for all your hard work in taking this project on! The difference is amazing.

Rose Dillon, MiCPT, CPFA, MCAT
Fruitport Township Treasurer