Fruitport Charter Township Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes of July 22, 2019

A work session of the Fruitport Charter Township Board began at 6:30pm on Monday, July 22, 2019, in the township board room.

Members Present: Heidi Tice, Supervisor; Andrea Anderson, Clerk; Rose Dillon, Treasurer; Trustees Greg Hulka, Jeff Jacobs, Terry Knoll
Members Absent: Denies Winebarger, excused

At 7:00pm, Heidi Tice opened the regular meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer.

Also Present: 1- residents; 4- employees; 2- guests; Director of Public Safety, Brian Michelli; Director of Public Utilities, Steve Biesiada; Attorney Ron Bultje.

The motion by Terry Knoll, supported by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to approve the minutes of June 24, 2019 as presented.

The motion by Rose Dillon, supported by Greg Hulka, was carried unanimously, to approve the agenda as presented, with the following change:
Item 8-F Best Yard Contest 2019 will be moved to the next meeting.

1. Steve Biesiada reported that they have broken ground on the Tree House daycare sewer extension.
2. Brian Michelli reported that the individual who was wanted for shooting a Muskegon Heights Police Officer was arrested by state and federal officers at a local Fruitport Motel; There was a meeting recently with local and state officials regarding the new legislative changes affecting the Police Special Assessment district in the Harvey/Sherman corridors.
3. Heidi Tice shared that the traveling Cirque Italia circus held in the Lakes Mall parking lot was successful and well attended; The Township Community Day slip ‘n slide was successful and will be held again on August 24th; There will be a 911 Dispatch open meeting to interview the candidates to fill the vacant Director position; Muskegon County Wastewater report was shared; A Consumers Hearing date was shared.
4. Andrea Anderson shared an article about the success of the School Resource Officer, Dan Butler.
5. Rose Dillon shared a billing update on the switchover to LED street lights with Consumers Energy.



19-089 Public Hearing: Police Special Assessment Roll
(a.) The motion by Andrea Anderson supported by Rose Dillon was carried unanimously, to open the Public Hearing at 7:25pm.

(b.) Public Hearing: The Supervisor announced that this hearing is to hear public comment and accept written objections regarding the roll of a special assessment for Police services in the business corridors on Sherman and Harvey.

The district includes the business corridor on Sherman Blvd from Lowes to US-31 and on Harvey Street from Independence Drive to Mount Garfield Rd.

Recent legislative changes state that the costs associated with a special assessment such as this cannot be divided based on the volume of service.
The roll shall be assessed based on taxable value.
The special benefit to the businesses in this district is excess service.
Fruitport Township board members wish to make the way in which the roll is assessed be the most fair to the users involved.
State Representative, Greg VanWoerkom, shared that the legislative change was initialized by Meijer.
This legislative change will no longer allow the Township to hold the highest users of service accountable.
The board discussed the roll among staff and Representative VanWoerkom.

There were no written objections received by the board.

There were no property owners present to make comment. A representative from the Lakes Mall was present, but gave no comment.

Public comments: none

(c.) The motion by Terry Knoll, supported by Rose Dillon, was carried unanimously to close the Public Hearing at 8:09pm and return to open session.

The motion by Rose Dillon, seconded by Terry Knoll, was carried unanimously, to TABLE this topic for further discussion and review of the roll.

19-090 On-site fuel final approval
A site plan for the fuel tank area was taken to the Planning Commission and approved.

Jeff Jacobs moved, Terry Knoll seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to move forward with Merle Boes to draft an agreement for fuel tank usage for fueling the Township vehicles; the agreement shall come to the board for approval.
Ayes: Knoll, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None


19-091 Approval to purchase police cruiser
The purchase of a cruiser will allow the department to follow the current fleet vehicle replacement schedule. This purchase was planned for the current budget. It will be a 4 year lease agreement with an annual payment of $14,115.00; total costs associated with the lease and including the necessary equipment and installation will be $50,775.00. The purchase of the SUV style vehicle is approximately $2,000 less than the cost of a sedan style. Given the low trade-in value for the vehicle being replaced, the Public Safety Director suggests using it to create a pool car for township-wide usage for employees to take when traveling for trainings or other work related trips.
This purchase is recommended by the Public Safety Committee.
Heidi Tice moved, Terry Knoll seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to take the Public Safety Committee’s recommendation and purchase the requested cruiser.
Ayes: Knoll, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

19-092 Approval for Quarterline Rd. culvert replacement
Per the Muskegon County Road Commission, a culvert failure has occurred on Quarterline Rd between Mt. Garfield Rd and Pontaluna Rd. The cost to replace the culvert is $24,125.65, of which $9,562.83 is the township’s responsibility. The Road Commission has agreed to allow the township to split the costs to allow for a $5,000 payment now and $4,562.83 in the following budget year. The current fiscal year budget allows for $7,000 in culvert expenses. If there are no other culvert costs in the current fiscal year, the remaining $2,000 of budgeted fund will be put toward the cost before the close of the fiscal year.
Jeff Jacobs moved, Rose Dillon seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to enter into the agreement with the Muskegon County Road Commission to replace the Quarterline Rd culvert, paying $5,000 this fiscal year and the remainder in the next fiscal year.
Ayes: Knoll, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

19-093 Approval to purchase water meters
This is an annual purchase of water meters from Ferguson Waterworks. The cost is $22,538.00 plus freight.
Terry Knoll moved, supported by Jeff Jacobs, MOTION CARRIED, to authorize the Public Utilities Director, Steve Biesiada, to purchase the requested water meters from Ferguson Waterworks for $22,538.00.
Ayes: Knoll, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: None

19-094 Wage approval for Deputy Treasurer
The Treasurer, Rose Dillon, has appointed a new Deputy Treasurer, Brooke Vanhouten. The wage for a deputy is determined at the time of annual budgeting and is currently $13.53/hour. The previous Deputy Treasurer is getting older and working is becoming more difficult.

19-095 Discussion on fireworks ordinance
The Public Safety Director has suggested discussing a fireworks ordinance to limit the days/times that fireworks are permitted following state guidelines. The board requested that the township attorney provide sample ordinances to review.

19-096 Payment of bills
Andrea Anderson moved, Terry Knoll seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve bills as presented for payment in the following amounts: General Fund $41,187.84; Public Safety $34,087.28; Water $177,403.91; Sewer $21,635.93; T&A $2,507.00; Street lights $13,086.76
Totaling: $289,908.72
Ayes: Knoll, Jacobs, Anderson, Tice, Dillon, Hulka
Nays: none

1. Heidi Tice shared that there will be an MTA meeting on the 5th Monday of July at Fruitport town hall where a presentation will be made regarding the Police Special Assessment District.
2. Andrea Anderson shared that residents, Scott and Joyce Tisch, expressed interest in purchasing the township owned property on Sternberg Rd. The township is not currently looking to sell that property.


The motion by Heidi Tice, supported by Terry Knoll, was carried unanimously, to adjourn the meeting at 8:44pm.