The Huizenga Huddle: September 25, 2019

Speaker Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry
Last night, Speaker Pelosi announced she was instructing Democrat Committee Chairs to begin forwarding information to the Judiciary Committee for an impeachment inquiry. Following that announcement I released this statement:

I believe the IG report should be made available to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and I look forward to reviewing the transcript of President Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine. Calling for an impeachment inquiry before fully grasping what was discussed isn’t in defense of the Constitution, it’s merely a craven political move to try to invalidate millions of Americans who voted to elect President Trump.

This morning, I joined Justin Barclay on WOOD Radio to discuss the Speaker’s announcement and what impact it will have on passing bipartisan legislation to move our country forward.

Financial Services Update
Last Friday, the House Financial Services Committee passed my bipartisan legislation, by a vote of 49-5, to help investors impacted by fraud recover their losses. H.R. 4344 is something I have been working on in a bipartisan manner with Rep. McAdams (D-UT).
The latest report from the SEC found that more than $900 million in money swindled from investors through fraudulent activity is unable to be recovered because of a 2017 Supreme Court decision.
The SEC must have the necessary tools to recover the losses suffered by Main Street investors. H.R. 4344 helps solve this problem by striking a delicate balance that allows the SEC more time to recover the money that was scammed from hardworking Americans. I am glad to see this bipartisan bill pass committee with strong support and look forward to it being scheduled for a vote on the House floor.

Protecting Individuals with Pre-existing Conditions
Last month, several of my Republican colleagues and I introduced H.R. 4159, the Protecting Patients with Pre-existing Conditions Act. This bill is a response to cases in federal courts that threaten to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act including its coverage of pre-existing conditions.
No matter what happens to Obamacare in the court system, I believe no one should be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition. This common-sense H.R. 4159 ensures people with pre-existing conditions can get coverage and maintains important safeguards to prevent costs for individuals with a pre-existing condition from skyrocketing.

Helping a Disabled Veteran
armyvetIn Muskegon Heights, I joined members of the community to help disabled U.S. Army Veteran Melvin Dunbar clean up his property, paint, and fix up his home. It was heart-warming to see students from across Muskegon join volunteers from the United Way and Rotarians for such a great cause. I also had the opportunity to catch up with “PA” and “Big Rob” from 103.7 the Beat about helping Melvin as well as how I am working for West Michigan in Washington.

Saving Lives in West Michigan
Last week, I had the pleasure of announcing that a coalition of Kent County agencies and health care providers, led by Spectrum Health, were awarded a grant for just over $1 million to reduce infant mortality, improve outcomes, and help families. Conservative estimates show this program, called Strong Beginnings, is preventing at least five infant deaths per year in Kent County. Strong Beginnings strengthens our community and makes West Michigan an even better place to call home.

Protecting the Great Lakes For Future Generations
The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) has been an extremely effective and bipartisan program. Recently, I joined with my colleagues to introduce legislation that would reauthorize and expand this program because preserving and protecting the Great Lakes is one of my top priorities.
In fact, earlier this month, the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council was awarded a $190,000 grant to protect the Macatawa Watershed through the GLRI. This is another example of how the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative continues to positively impact both the ecology as well as the economy of the Great Lakes here in West Michigan.
By accelerating the clean up of legacy pollution, taking greater action against invasive species, and increasing habitat restoration, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act of 2019 will strengthen, protect, and preserve the Great Lakes for our children and grandchildren.