Senator Jon Bumstead Backs Autism Awareness Legislation

from Senator Jon Bumstead’s November 1st Legislative Update

I recently supported bipartisan legislation to help bridge the communications gap between law enforcement and people on the autism spectrum. The legislation will help officers improve their interaction with drivers with autism during a traffic stop or similar interaction.

Senate Bill 278 would allow a vehicle owner to choose to put a “Communication Impediment” designation on their vehicle registration, driver’s license or both through the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) system if they or a family member is on the autism spectrum, is deaf or has hearing loss. This voluntary designation would let law enforcement know that the owner or a family member who may be in the car has autism or a hearing issue. Police officers often access the LEIN system during traffic stops; it is not available to members of the public. SB 279 would apply to a driver’s enhanced driver’s license or state ID card.

The bills have been sent to the House for consideration.