Fruitport Personal Counseling

submitted by Maribeth Clarke, Administrative Assistant, Fruitport Community Schools


Marissa Brandenburg and Audra Kommer

Over the past few years, schools across America have seen an increase in mental health concerns of students such as depression, anxiety, behavioral disruption, etc.  We, at Fruitport Community Schools, have also seen this increase and recognize the impact mental health has on not just student learning, but overall success in both school and life.

Please know that we have formed important partnerships with two organizations to help address this growing issue.  First, we have partnered with Hackley Community Care to bring personal counseling services to our main campus to help students overcome the mental health barriers that might be in the way of their learning. This counseling service, provided by licensed counselor, Marissa Brandenburg, is for all of our students no matter the grade or the building they attend.  Their office is located in the southeastern corner of Edgewood Elementary and will have its own entrance adjacent to the office.  Her assistant, Audra Kommer will help with scheduling appointments and can be reached at 231.733.6720.


Dawn Rymal

Another related support for families comes through a partnership with The Health Project which is affiliated with Mercy Health.  Through The Health Project we will have the services of Dawn Rymal, an experienced Community Health Worker.  Dawn will help families identify resources they need to help remove barriers to student success.  These resources could address housing, food, transportation, dental, vision, and/or other health related needs.  Should you have such a need, you can call Dawn directly at 231.865.4113, or work through school staff to access this support.