Voters Use New Rights to Make Voices Heard

More than 1,000 registered on Election Day for Nov. 5 election

LANSING – Preliminary data from the Nov. 5 election shows Michiganders taking advantage of their new voting rights to make their voices heard in local elections.

Under the “Promote the Vote” constitutional amendment, voters can now register within 14 days of an election (up to and including Election Day) by going to their city or township clerk’s office with residency verification.

Within 14 days of the Nov. 5 election, more than 2,000 Michiganders registered to vote and were eligible to participate. More than 1,000 of these registrations took place on Election Day itself.

“I am excited to see such great new participation in our democracy,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “My office will continue to work with our Bureau of Elections and clerks across the state to ensure voters are educated on and able to take advantage of their new rights.”

Young voters took particular advantage of the new registration opportunities: About one-third of those registering on Election Day were 18-21 years old, and more than half were 30 years old or younger. This was true both of voters registering on Election Day and within the 14-day period. Voters of all ages took advantage of the new opportunities to vote, however, as more than 300 voters aged 60 or older registered to vote.

The registration numbers are a significant increase from May, when about 600 voters registered in the 14-day period, and August, when about 700 voters registered.