Denial of Veteran’s Peddler State License

My name is David R Padecky.  I am a Vietnam Era Veteran (Coast Guard).

I own a State Licensed STFU Food Wagon.  I am SafeServ Certified.  I have Food Vendor’s Insurance, I have been issued a Veteran’s Peddler License by the State of Michigan, through our Muskegon County Clerk’s Office.

Brian Werscham (zoning) of Muskegon Charter Township and the Township Attorney, Mr. Hughes, are denying me , and other Veterans who may come forth in the future, our State given Right to Vend Food in Muskegon Charter Township, for more than 30 days.  At Brian’s discretion, he may allow an additional 30 days.

To stand for the Veteran Right, I had to hire my Attorney Brianna T. Scott.  However, since this is new to her and her firm, we are in need of addition help by other Veterans and anyone else who is interested in engaging into this battle, to protect the Right of Veteran Peddlers and Vendors.

Please respond.


David R Padecky
HotDogs In A Hurry