Free 2020 West Michigan “Carefree Travel Guide” Introduces You to the Best of West Michigan

touristguideWest Michigan – When you’re ready to start dreaming of warmer weather and summer trips, pick up a free copy of the new West Michigan Carefree Travel Guide for inspiration! The brand-new 2020 edition of the guide is now available both digitally and by mail, at no cost.

This free guide is available from the West Michigan Tourist Association (WMTA) for viewing online, or travelers may request that a free copy be mailed to them, both at the following web address:

Whether you’re thinking about visiting, you’re spending a few days in the area, or you live in West Michigan, the Carefree Travel Guide is an excellent resource to help you get out and explore the many things that West Michigan has to offer.

“Let us inspire your dining while you’re here, or help you find a B&B or a hotel with an outstanding breakfast offering. If you’re traveling with your pet, we can help you plan a trip they can enjoy right alongside you,” says Dan Sippel, WMTA’s Executive Director. In addition, the guide contains information on area trails, local arts, beaches, lighthouses, and much more.

You’ll also find maps throughout the guide, making it easy to find which breweries, wineries, boating spots, golf courses, and more will be near your destination.

Want to get a real-time look at West Michigan? Check out our gallery of live West Michigan cameras, where you can see what’s happening around the area right now! You’ll find all of the live camera feeds at

Start planning your trip when you request you free copy of the guide, and access on your computer or mobile device to get updates on events happening throughout the year, and to find out what’s going on where you are.

If you are a business who would like to request a large quantity of Carefree Travel Guides for distribution (free of charge), please contact to arrange delivery.